Amanda’s September Favorites

I know I started my last post with “take 2” but this is take 3 and it is for real. I’m doing this thing.

Also, I know it’s more than halfway through October but I planned to write this two weeks ago. I’ve had a busy first few weeks of October with school but it’s done! No more absolute craziness until December.

Anyway, here it goes:

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Trader Joe’s French Vanilla Ground Coffee: I’ve always been a Keurig girl. I started drinking coffee in high school and we had a machine at home so that’s all I knew. Even in college, I brought a Keurig. I still use the Keurig if I’m running late for class but now I’m all about moka pots. I haven’t tired too many different kinds of ground coffee yet but so far this is my favorite. It smells so good and it has a nice flavor without adding any sugar or milk (just ice, always ice in my coffee).

Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding Candle: I just finished this candle and my heart is broken. I know I can buy another one but I’ve gotta wait for a 2 for $22 sale, obv. This candle smells so good. It’s sweet but not overpowering. I usually like musky scents with a hint of sweet (my all time favorite from BBW is Marshmallow Fireside) and this one kind of fits the bill. Just smell it next time you’re near a store.
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Josie Maran Argan Oil: This is my miracle in a bottle. I was so against investing in this for a long time and thought it was all talk but no, lemme tell you – the hype is real. I haven’t had terribly problematic skin since I was in middle school but I’ve had my fair share of acne and such even throughout high school. As a result, my biggest issue since starting college has been scarring and enlarged pores left over from the pimples of yesteryear. This stuff…this stuff has changed the game. I put some on every single time I find myself with a makeup-less face (ie: pretty much always, especially now that my skin is so cooperative). My skin has never been so great. I actually go to school without any makeup and don’t hate myself for it. I’m telling you, this stuff is amazing.

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Liquid & Cream: …with all that said, I do have one weird skin problem that I’ve never had before. I occasionally have dry patches, mostly right next to my nose. Luckily, they aren’t noticeable unless I’m wearing makeup but they still bother me. The whole thing baffles me because I used to consider my skin combination oily/normal. Now…not so much. For the most part, the argan oil takes care of the dry spots temporarily but, as far as I can tell, the Dr. Jart Ceramidin kit is the true savior when I’m having an issue. I bought the starter kit and I’m almost out – I’ll definitely be investing in both full sizes when the time comes.

Bare Minerals Bare Skin Serum Foundation: I wanted to try this stuff but I could not for the life of me figure out which shade was best on my face. I all but gave up on it when my roommate Lauren gave me her bottle. She didn’t like it because she felt that it was too liquid-y and didn’t have enough coverage. On the the days when I do wear makeup, I pretty much only wear this. In fact, I’m pretty sure I ran out of all of my other foundations last month. Lauren was right though – it is pretty minimal coverage. And I definitely feel like I have to powder this down or I get pretty shiny. It’s cool though, natural looking and minimal. I like it, and I even like that weird brush they created for it.

Lorac Pro Palette: I have way too many eye shadow palettes for someone who only wears makeup about twice a week, especially considering the fact that I only use this palette. I love every single shade but I especially love Taupe, Mauve, Nude, Pewter and Garnet. I also use Espresso to fill in my eyebrows. This palette is A+, 100%, all you ever need.


Book: The Master and Margarita  by Mikhail Bulgakov
I’ve been so proud of myself the past few months: I’m actually reading outside of my school assignments. I’m catching up on everything I should’ve read by the time I was a 21 year old student with a liberal arts education, starting with this one. This book is important and it’s great. I was immediately intrigued and I constantly found myself looking up things I had never heard of or wanted to know more about and I was getting more and more into the book. Little synopsis without spoiling anything: in short, the novel jumps between 1930s Soviet Union and ancient Jerusalem, explaining interactions between characters such as Satan (aka “Woland”), Pontius Pilate and several Russian authors (obviously there is much more to it than just this). I admit I’m bad at descriptions but how does that not sound intriguing?? Definitely recommend it.

Movie: Le Samourai 
It’s kind of a cop out since I’m taking a class on the films of Jean-Pierre Melville and Robert Bresson…but this is still the best I saw this month. It is SO GOOD. I can’t believe I’m on my 4th year of being a film student and this is my first time seeing it. I’m actually not sure where you can watch it, maybe iTunes or Amazon. It’s worth it though. It’s been almost a full month since I watched it and I still think about it all the time. Another short (but terrible) synopsis: Jef Costello is a hitman. After killing the owner of a night club, he is seen by a witness and instantly becomes a prime suspect. After explaining his convincing alibi, he is released by the police but soon finds himself being trailed by gangsters and police who don’t believe that he is innocent. Alright, I don’t know what else to say without giving away spoilers. Anyway, I wrote my film midterm paper on Le Samourai and Le Cercle Rouge (another fantastic Melville film) and I only write papers on films I can stand to watch, like, four or five times. It’s that good. If you watch it, let me know. We can talk about how beautiful Alain Delon’s face is.

And that’s it. I’m gonna work on being better about posting on here. I really like talking about the things I like, even if it’s possibly only me talking to myself.

Okay, end.


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