I Know I’m Late But… X-Files Season 1

I started watching The X-Files a few weeks ago and just finished the first season. I think I’m gonna write about my reactions as I finish each season (spoilers ahead, obviously).

It took me a bit longer to finish watching than I had anticipated but, obviously, school had to come first. I had some days when I watched 5 or 6 episodes and some when I watched none at all. Through it all, there was one thing I was sure about: the weirder the episode, the more I liked it.

I was also sure that I loved Agent Mulder…but how could I not?


Mostly, I loved that Agent Mulder really believed in something. He was ridiculed and borderline bullied by others but he wasn’t swayed. I hated anyone who doubted him…

…even, at times, Agent Scully.

I’ve grown to love her. But, at first, I just couldn’t believe she could really disregard everything that was right in front of her! She clearly cares about Mulder, a lot, so why didn’t she believe him? On one hand, I’m sure her character is intended to be very skeptical – probably to balance the intense beliefs coming from Mulder’s end. Plus, she’s from a medical background, she’s pretty much forced to expect some sort of scientific reasoning behind the unexplained. I guess I just imagine myself believing everything if I were in her place. Anyway, the point is, by the end of the season, it clearly seems like Scully’s may have had a change of heart.

 My favorite episodes were the ones where we  actually made progress with the extraterrestrial  plot line. I loved the finale – Deep Throat is  dead (is this good or bad? could we even trust  him?)! Extraterrestrials are really, really real!  Things are about to get crazy!

One thing I really didn’t like were the Tooms  episodes. I guess it was cool that they brought  the story back and expanded (sometimes I wish they’d do that for other episodes, I’d especially like to see more about the escaped Eves), but he just creeped me out. It was more creepy in a “this guy makes me uncomfortable” than a “this guy is scary” thing. I dunno.

I’m excited to start Season 2. I wanna know what’s going to happen, especially if it is true that Mulder and Scully really are being transferred. Are they going to continue working on X-Files on the side? Or is someone new gonna step in for Deep Throat who has power and knowledge? Or is something going to happen and everyone will realize that they really do need people working on these cases?

Let me know if you’re watching The X-Files, too! Or if you already have (but don’t ruin it for me pleeeease)!

Gonna cut this one here so I can get started on Season 2!


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