Vanessa’s October Favorites


Taylor Swift’s 1989

No surprise here, my ultimate favorite this month is Taylor Swift’s fifth studio album, 1989. I love that you can listen to the entire album from beginning to end and not get tired of it. My favorite songs are definitely “Blank Space,” “Style,” and “Wildest Dreams.” Now not only do I love her new more-feminist stance, but her music is actually superb pop.

Tarte’s 12-hour Amazonian Clay Blush in True Love 

I got this blush because Amanda (and my roommate Lauren) suggested it. I typically use bronzer on my cheeks and have never really used blush, so I decided I’d try something new! I have to say a little pink is a nice change, especially during the daytime. The color is long-lasting and makes me so happy!

Old Navy The Rockstar Clean-Front Cropped Jeans 

I got these pants during an online sale a little while ago and I have to say, out of the countless things I bought, these pants were my favorite item. I like them because they are more sturdy yet they still remind me of my J. Crew Pixie pants whose zipper broke this past summer. They’re only available in limited sizes right now but hopefully when they come back in stock, they’ll also be offered in more colors!

Trader Joe’s Way More Chocolate Chips Cookies

I used to buy the Crispy Crunchy Cookies from Trader Joe’s but now that I’ve tried the Way More Chocolate Chips Cookies, I’ll never go back! I love that they’re so chocolatey and buttery. They’re definitely my new go-to sweet snack.

Sex and the City  (seasons 1-3)

My roommate Lauren let me borrow her DVD boxset after I was having trouble finding good streams of it online. I only really watch this show in two modes: either binge watching seven episodes straight or going two weeks without watching a single episode. I don’t think I’ve watched in a while because of Carrie’s horrible life choices in season three but I think I’ll get back into it soon. Miranda forever!

Alicia Florrick in the early episodes of season 6

Alicia Florrick has been my favorite fictional role model ever since I started watching The Good Wife. I never think I could love Alicia more, and then I watch more episodes. In this month’s episodes, including ‘Dear God,’ ‘Oppo Research,’ and ‘Shiny Objects,’ we’ve seen Alicia do all the things we love ten times better. Debate about religion because one of her cases went to Christian arbitration? Check (‘Dear God’). Watch her decide if she should run for State’s Attorney as she drinks copious amounts of wine and as she’s eye-rolling Eli? Check (‘Oppo Research’). Watch her tell Peter how it is (“Yes, I may need you, Peter, but you sure as hell need me too!”) better than ever? Check (‘Shiny Objects’). Is there anything this woman can’t do? Well into the sixth season of a network television show? ALICIA IS QUEEN.

  1. Love the show “The Good Wife” it is so well written! She rocks!


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