Amateur Mixology #4 – Thai Basil Mojito

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This is a very simple recipe and I personally think it tastes very flower-y (aka my favorite kind of cocktail).

Here’s what you need:
4 Thai Bail sprigs (or more, it is up to you!)
2 oz of Silver Rum
1 oz of Simple Syrup (we make ours ourselves)
1 Lime
Club Soda


Alllll ya gotta do is place the thai basil in a glass and muddle it up. After that, combine all of the other ingredients. I personally added just a splash of club soda but this is up to your taste. I also squeezed only a tiny bit of lime juice in and cut off a slice to put on the edge of the glass. I don’t think the lime juice really changes the taste but obviously you can add more if you’d like.

After all of the ingredients have been put into one glass, shake it up! Afterward, just pour over ice. I ended up keeping the muddled thai basil sprigs in the final drink but you can strain those out if you don’t want it to get stuck in your straw.

Let me know if you make this! We had a ton of thai basil and I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it so I’d also love recommendations if you know of anything tasty!


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