Podcastin’ – Serial episodes 3-4

Once again, if you have not listened to at least the first four episodes of Serial then turn back now! There are spoilers ahead.

Episode 3: Leakin Park
This episode is where things got really weird. A man, Mr. S, stops alongside a road during his lunch break for a “bathroom break.” While doing so, he discovers Hae’s body (she had been missing for three weeks). Obviously, this a breaking point in the case. But…something is strange about this. How in the heck did Mr. S see Hae? How did he just so happen to end up exactly 127 feet into the woods and end up near the body? It all seems rather coincidental and people aren’t sure how to react to all of it, especially after learning more about Mr. S and his past.

This is where I’ve become rather suspicious, too. Even after Sarah clears up that 127 feet into the woods actually isn’t that far (you can still see the cars on the road), it still feels strange. I’m really hoping we end up getting more information about this Mr. S character later, I feel that we could learn a lot more (or…maybe that’s it and he really just happened to come across a dead body in the woods).

Episode 4: Inconsistencies
A return to Jay and his story(/stories.). Sarah revisits Jay’s interactions with the police and notes the inconsistencies in his stories. At first, these inconsistencies are chalked up to simple explanations (like forgetting which mall he went to) but late inconsistencies seem monumental (changing the location where Jay first saw Hae’s dead body and changing the date that Adnan told Jay that he planned to kill Hae).

I can’t help but feel like Jay is clearly up to something here. Regardless of if Adnan committed the murder or not, Jay certainly is hiding something. Whether he is trying to cover for himself or if he really is making all of this up, I think these inconsistencies alone are enough to prove that maybe Adnan has been wrongly convicted – if only because there is simply not enough evidence against him. This truly shows that it was one word against another and that is, in my book, not justice. Whether Adnan is the murderer or not, this episode proves (at least so far) that maybe the police were willing to take whatever evidence they could get and push it to the limit…and, unfortunately for Adnan, it worked.


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