The Goods (11/18/14)

A quick rundown of a few things I’ve been into this week:

    • Serial: If you’ve spent even one second around me in the past week, you know I’m hooked and can’t shut up about Serial. Get on that if you haven’t listened yet! Once you catch up, check out the Slate Serial Spoiler Special and The AV Club’s The Serial Serial. If you’re like me and most of your friends have yet to listen, these “extracurricular” podcasts will provide you with some extra opinions to compare with your own ideas. Also check out this video (which I can’t stop watching – it is hysterical):
    • The X-Files Season 2: Season 2 is blowing me away so far and I’m less than 10 episodes in. It’s taking me a while to get through though because I’m trying to supplement each episode with the corresponding Kumail Nanjiani’s The X-Files Files podcast episode. Yes, I’m very into podcasts right now and I’ll definitely be talking more about The X-Files Files when I get completely caught up. Basically, you need to check them out if you love this show.
    • How am I just finding out these shoes exist? I need them. In white, pleeeease! Thank goodness Christmas is around the corner.
    • Vanessa and I just watched the trailer for Selma and it looks amazing. These are the kinds of films I love to see being made, I can’t wait to see this.

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