Podcastin’ – Serial episodes 5-6

As usual, please do not read ahead if you have not seen the first six episodes of Serial! There are spoilers ahead.

Episode 5: Route Talk
Amanda: This episode is probably my favorite so far. I feel like so much happened and hopefully all this new information actually plays a role in the development of the rest of this season. Early on in the episode, Adnan tells Sarah that the state’s timeline of what occurred on the day of Hae’s murder is impossible within the time allotted between school letting out and the time of her murder. As a result, Sarah decides to completely reenact the series of events and, unfortunately for Adnan, finds that the timeline actually is possible. On the other hand, fortunately for Adnan, the timeline is extremely tight. It is possible but allows for virtually no room for mistakes.

I think I’ve become fairly certain that I believe Adnan. I don’t know if he is necessarily innocent but I definitely do not think that Jay’s account of what happened can be accurate. I don’t know if I should admit this this early in the game but…Adnan is right about the timeline being very tight. When he began to elaborate as to why he thinks it would be impossible to leave school and get to the Best Buy parking lot and kill Hae within 21 minutes, I began to think about my own experience in high school. I doubt we could ever even get off campus within 21 minutes of school getting out for the day, even if we were in a rush. Between the flow of traffic and even the amount of people in the hallways, it was nearly impossible. Obviously his high school is different, but I still instantly thought that this is a very believable new look at what could have happened. If Adnan is right and could not possibly have done all of this in 21 minutes…then what really happened?

One more thing I hope we end up getting more elaboration on: how did nobody check if the payphone at Best Buy actually existed?! I hope there’s some new information on that soon.

Episode 6: The Case Against Adnan Syed
Amanda: Alright, this episode, as implied by the title, further draws out the case against Adnan. Sarah further explains some information regarding phone calls and what happened in court but, to me, the most telling moment of the episode was in the last few minutes.

Sarah tells Adnan that he is a nice guy and he seems to become upset. She is confused that he becomes borderline hostile after she essentially tells him that she cannot believe he could have done this. I’m glad that this interaction occurred because Adnan’s words have resonated with me. He told Sarah that he would rather someone think he is innocent because the case simply doesn’t add up rather than simply just because he seems like a nice guy…and he is right. I, like Sarah, have come to like Adnan. He seems like a very nice guy and, again, like Sarah, I find myself not wanting to believe that he could commit such a crime. But he is right – this is not about him being nice or not, it is about the case and the evidence against him. This is something I will definitely try to keep in mind as we dive further into unpacking the case.

On another note: if you aren’t already doing so, check out Slate’s Serial Spoiler Specials. If it doesn’t intrigue you simply because it is a podcast about a podcast, then listen to it solely because it is a second opinion about the show. This podcast is especially awesome if you’re like me and have virtually nobody to talk to about Serial (yet! I’m sure I’ll convince everyone I know to get on this bandwagon with me). 


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