Podcastin’ – Serial episodes 7-8

As usual, if you aren’t caught up to at least eighth episode of Serial then please do not read past this point! There are spoilers after the read more.

Just now realizing it sounds weird to say “spoilers” considering this is a real life story. I don’t know what else to say though. Let me know if there’s a better way to say that.

Episode 7: The Opposite of the Prosecution
Amanda: The episode looks into a strikingly similar case involving a group of young people, one witness, and a wrongfully accused individual. Adnan had heard about this case and Sarah contacts one of the defense attorneys to learn more. The defense attorney agrees to look more into Adnan’s case…and Sarah learns that, when looked at again, absolutely nobody believes that Adnan is necessarily guilty.

I am glad to know that all of these actual professionals (/interns who know what is going on with legal proceedings) have the same opinion on the case as I do. I’m glad that we are finally delving into the physical evidence (/lack of evidence). Obviously, this doesn’t mean that Adnan is necessarily innocent but I’m just really, really hoping something does come of this. I can only imagine how amazing it would be if anyone at all got some sort of definite answers. I know that no promises have been made but it just seems like so much is happening! I have hope.

Episode 8: The Deal With Jay
Amanda: Okay, things have gotten kind of weird. We finally got a piece of Jay in this episode – present day Jay. While Sarah establishes the fact that she has spoken with Jay, the interaction was rather odd and the only information we get is relayed through Sarah after the meeting has occurred. On one hand, of course this is the case. Why would Jay ever agree to any of this, especially without being warned of it beforehand (especially because there is only one thing we know for certain: Jay has to be involved in this case – he knew were Hae’s car was located)? Despite whatever degree of participation, Jay walked with virtually no punishment and I am sure he would rather stay as far, far, far away from all of this as possible.

I have two more feelings about this episode: 1. How long did Sarah have this content? All of this information about Jay is certainly not new. We’ve been hearing about him from episode 1 so I’m sure Sarah did not wait around until it was time to make episode 8 to finally get into contact with Jay. I think this is a point where we, as an audience, need to step back and realize that this story is being framed a certain way. Yes, Sarah is intending to stay as unbiased as possible and is willing to continue to look at possibilities where Adnan did kill Hae but it is very clear that she does not necessarily believe this story – at least not yet. By keeping this information about Jay for so long (all of the information about him being goofy and funny and just kind of a weird but loved kid), we are not being told the story as objectively as possible. Luckily, it isn’t too late to have second second thoughts about Jay…which brings me to my second feeling: I’m having second second thoughts about Jay. Of course, like everyone, I find him rather suspicious, but I trust Sarah’s judgement. She is all we have to go on so we are forced, in a certain way, to take her word about Jay. While she is not fully convinced, she is beginning to see that maybe Jay isn’t the bad guy we were all hoping he would be. Yes, we all wanted there to be a clear “bad guy” but Jay just is not that guy. I’m not sure what to think anymore.

    • Amanda said:

      You’re right, I’ve been rethinking a lot since listening to episode 9 and I now feel that maybe Sarah had no choice if she wanted to make it engaging. I read your post and agree, it is pretty jarring that Adnan has lived this “life” in jail. Just that, just the fact that he has had all of these other experiences that I cannot imagine, makes all of this hard to digest, at least for me. And you’re right, for me, this is a “I want it now!!” millennial situation and it is killing me!


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