A Kind-Of Review: Yes Please by Amy Poehler

I’ve been so ready for this book since I found out about it a few months ago…and I loved it just as much as I thought I would.

Let me start by saying I love Amy Poehler. Amy is a role model for me and millions of girls – she worked hard to become the comedy goddess she is today and, almost more importantly, Amy works to better the world for girls (Smart Girls at the Party), and I think we need more of that.

If anything, Yes Please makes me love her even more. Amy spends most of the book explaining how hard it is to write a book and I love her all the more for going through all of this to write one for us. Every single chapter makes me feel closer to Amy, but in a weird way. I don’t think that Amy is overly revealing, I actually don’t even think that she used this opportunity to write a book as an opportunity to “tell” her life – actually, I think she used this book to share what she has learned and express her gratitude for the life she now has.

Yes Please does still provide stories from Poehler’s life (growing up near Boston, moving to Chicago, moving to New York, the birth of her children) but a lot of it is also spent praising and making known her love for the people who have helped her become the person she is today. I have heard that some people weren’t crazy about that but I actually did enjoy all of her “odes” to her friends. I like that Amy is grateful and smart and funny and knows that she is talented but is still humble enough to admit when she is wrong. She even makes fun of herself and the “Hollywood life” but also tells stories of making out with George Clooney. Amy…livin’ the dream.

I think you would most like this book if you are familiar with Amy (obviously), but also if you are familiar with the whole of her “comedy scene” (for lack of a better term). I’ve seen Asssscat and I’ve actually even seen an Upright Citizens Brigade show, too. I’ve watched all of Parks and Recreation and I love some of Amy’s closest friends (Tina Fey, Louis C.K., and Seth Meyers). I’m even a pretty big SNL fan. I am exactly who this book is for: I love Amy going into it and I love her even more after the fact. I’m sure you could still love this book if you aren’t an “Amy Poehler super fan” but, you know, it helps.

Yes Please is available on amazon.com.


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