The Goods (11/26/14)

It’s Wednesday – time for our mid-week round-up!


  • I just finished reading The Martian by Andy Weir and I have extremely mixed feelings about it. It’s got so many great reviews but it was borderline painful to read. Expect a review soon! -Amanda


  • It’s been out for only a day, but I’ve already listened to the new Thomas Giles record ten times over. Modern Noise is the sophomore release of Giles’ post-prog-electronic-metal-there’sprobablyabettergenreforthis side project. Usually seen fronting Between the Buried and Me, it’s nice to hear something outside the realm of progressive metal from Giles. Can’t wait to spend more time awkwardly head bobbing to this guy. FFO: BTBAM/The Kindred/Mestis/electronic metal stuff. -Fatima
  • The release of Beyoncé: Platinum Edition has brought us new tracks, but my favorites are definitely “Ring Off” and “7/11.” The music video for “7/11” has especially taken over my life recently, and I think this post sums up why I enjoy the laid-back, goofy side to Beyoncé so much. -Vanessa


  • Luther is coming back! BBC America has announced that the series is coming back for a two-part miniseries in 2015, which is the best TV news I’ve heard in a good while! –Vanessa
  • I finally finished my second run-through of Twin Peaks. Will there ever be another series this inventive and tacky? Really though, believe all the hype- this show is good. The first season is much easier to follow, but I promise the second season is worth sticking with. Time to not-so-patiently await Lynch’s 2016 comeback. –Fatima
  • Still trudgin’ on through X-Files season 2 and The X-Files Files. I did, however, discover this video this week and I feel very, very strongly about it. I feel as though I may never seen anything this pop-culture-ly amazing ever again. -Amanda 
  • And finally, so many thoughts for our friends at FSU. We love you all very much and hope that, one of these days, these tragic situations will no longer be the norm.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, too! Safe travels today.


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