What to Watch? #3


Inside Llewyn Davis, Joel and Ethan Coen

This is one of my favorite films that has been released in years. I really, really loved this. This is the story of Llewyn Davis, a musician living in New York who is having a difficult time securing jobs and finding opportunities to further his career. The film follows him as he grasps at opportunities for money and survival. Above all, to me, this film is about the scene in which Adam Driver, Justin Timberlake and Oscar Isaac sing “Please Mr. Kennedy.” I am so about that.

Lucia, Humberto Solas

As usual, this is a film I originally had to watch for class. I love it because it is so unique in its execution of the storyline. Lucia is technically the stories of three women (all named Lucia) who live in Cuba during three momentous times in Cuban history. The first Lucia lives during the Cuban war for independence, the second in the 1930s and the third in the 1960s. Each of these women play some sort of role as a representation of the Cuban woman living and fighting for some sort of cause, whether it be alongside men in the battle for independence and rights or alone as she fights against the old traditions of what is expected of a woman. I imagine this film may be a bit difficult to find but I highly recommend it if you are able to get ahold of it!

Orlando, Sally Potter

Once again, this is something I watched for a class back in the day. I actually watched this for a “Women & Film” class where we focused completely on films directed by women. If for that alone, I really like Orlando. It happens to be a nice cherry on top that this is actually a great movie, too. This film is based on a novel by Virginia Woolf in which an androgynous character named Orlando (played by Tilda Swinton) plays various roles over a great span of time. Orlando is depicted as free of gender and particular sexual preferences and thus becomes a very complex character who is faced with instances of great love and loss. If you ever had any doubts, this film will definitely confirm how great Tilda Swinton is, and you will love it.

The Fall, Tarsem Singh

Lee Pace is a glorious man. Look at his face. He is truly beautiful. The Fall is the story of a stuntman named Roy (Lee Pace) who is bedridden in a hospital after he has hurt himself after falling during a stunt. At the hospital, he meets a young girl named Alexandria who he quickly befriends. The film unfolds as Roy begins to tell Alexandria a fantastical story that takes Alexandria (and the audience) on an imaginative adventure. Unfortunately (for your tear ducts), there is more to the story. I haven’t seen this in a while so I’m not sure what else may be too spoiler-y so I’ll just stop here. It’s a freakin’ beautiful film – and I’m not usually suckered in by just that, the film has to have a good plot, too, so trust me on this one, it is a beautiful and has a good story.


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