The Goods (12/3/14)


  • I’m kind of cheating here cause this is only kind of film related. I’ve been a huge fan of /Film for a really long time. Although I love new information about films that haven’t been released yet, I mostly love things like this where I can read about other people watching some of my favorite films (am I making sense here…?). Anyway, this list/ especially Spirited Away being #1(!) reminds me why it is my favorite, favorite, favorite film of all time and that I need to revisit all of my favorite Miyazaki films very soon. –Amanda


  • I just started season 3 of The X-Files, namely, I watched episode 3, “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose.” Let me just say this: this is the greatest episode of television I have ever seen. I’ve really grown to love this show and this episode in particular just blew me away. This show is amazing but if you have no intentions of ever watching it, just watch this episode, please. –Amanda
  • Why did I wait this long to watch Death Note?  The show is fast paced, intelligent and totally engulfing. Light Yagami is simultaneously the most annoying and brilliant protagonist I’ve ever encountered- I truly cannot get enough of his story line. I do have some quarrels with the show’s lack of female characters, but I know that this is the nature of most anime. Even if Japanese animation is outside your realm of television binges, give Death Note a shot. Oh, forgot to mention that the whole thing is on Netflix. -Fatima
  • Guys, BBC3’s Some Girls, the comedy that follows four best friends, is finally back for its third season! I love Some Girls because it doesn’t try hard and it’s still hilarious and down-to-earth. Also, who can resist Rocky’s stupid cute and charming face? No one can. -Vanessa


  • I’ve been taking my time on Donna Tartt’s The Secret History, but considering it is 559 pages long and we are getting into finals week soon, I have kept up with it diligently. That’s most likely due to the fantastic writing–a modern Crime and Punishment in my opinion, that keeps my heart rate going up and my brain imagining being in this story. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a clear step up from the things I’ve been reading lately. Look out for a review on this one soon. -Vanessa

Pretty things

  • Someone very special to me sent me this video and it left me in awe. The two minute  time lapse shows 4,900 images taken at Mt. Katahdin in Millinocket Lake, Maine. A  starry sky is painted by a miraculous exhibit of nature’s powers. This display of the Northern Lights is a refreshing reminder of the beauty this planet is capable of.  I definitely hope to one day witness this magnificence for myself. Please watch and be happy with me. –Fatima


  • The future is now. This coffee machine has an app where you can start brewing your coffee from bed! You can even make sure the coffee is ready before you get out of bed! Truly game changing. –Amanda
  • Cyber Monday came and went and all I bought were make-up brushes. I’m really excited though, as I don’t own enough brushes. This week I took advantage of Ulta’s 30% off Real Techniques brushes and bought not one, not two, but five brushes. As Real Techniques brushes go, they might just end up in my favorites this month. -Vanessa

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