Fatima’s November Favorites


It still hasn’t sunk in that the year is only a few weeks from being over. November 2014, you were good to me. Let’s talk about some of the lovely things you helped me discover.

Forever 21 Sweater Leggings: Let me start out by saying I own these in every color. Despite the less than winter-like temperatures in Florida, these leggings have found a way into my daily wardrobe. They are made out of a thick knit material and hold their shape nicely. These are probably the most comfortable, socially acceptable (sorry, pajama pants) bottoms on the market. Go buy a pair before the rest of the world learns of their powers and steals them from you.

Priced at $17.90 Fit is true to size.

Reebok CrossFit Lifter Plus: My CrossFit box does this crazy thing during November where they program hellish “Hero WODs” each day of the month. Many of these workouts involve heavy olympic lifts so I decided that in order to take on this challenge, I needed to gear up. The Reebok CrossFit Lifter Plus’ are a serious game changer. I don’t want to babble and bore you with technical terms, but if you are someone who CrossFit’s/Olympic lifts, consider grabbing yourself a pair. These will help stabilize your squats, snatches, cleans, pistols and any other complex lift you may come across. I found mine at a Reebok outlet for over 40% off.

Prices vary from $75.00-$200.00. Try on shoes for best fit.

Matte Black Starbucks Cold Cup: It was love at first sip with this one. While scrolling through Starbucks’ Holiday collection, I was ever so graciously stopped by this fella. This here is the cup of all cups. I’m serious guys, this tumbler has it all. It is cute, it is functional and it gives me 10 cents off my daily iced coffee. Browse the collection. I assure you, your perfect beverage holder is waiting.

Priced at $19.95

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Abu Dhabi: Holy do I love this stuff. This matte lip color is the answer to all trendy 90s lover. Not only does it give me the oh-so desired Kate Moss lip, it literally fixes any and every lipstick mistake I make. I’m not sure how it does this, but something about the color of this lip creme makes any lip color look 20000x better. Not to mention, the formula of this stuff competes with most high-end lip products of its kind. I found mine at Target, but I believe ULTA also carries NYX products.

Priced at $5.99


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