I Know I’m Late But… X-Files Season 2

Just finished X-Files season 2 and oh my goodness, what a show. If I had but one wish, it would be that I would have watched this show years sooner.

First of all, I’ve watched about half of season 2 in conjunction with Kumail Nanjiani’s The X-Files Files podcast. This has been an amazing experience and I know I’ve said this multiple times on this blog but I can’t say enough about this podcast. Freakin’ amazing. If you like The X-Files I would highly, highly recommend it.

Anyway, season 2 was a whirlwind. SO MUCH HAPPENED! Episode 2, “The Host,” was the first episode of the show so far to genuinely freak me out. That thing was so crazy looking! And it only got worse from there. Episode 14 aka “Die Hand die Verletzt” was a lot to take in, too. Though there were no monsters, the cult activities as described by the young girl were some of the most gruesome things I’ve ever heard on a television show. I can’t believe this was all happening on a network show that was on in the early 90s. I also really liked episodes 20 and 22 (“Humbug” and “F. Emasculata,” respectively). “Humbug” was still about unexplained murders but managed to be much more lighthearted than most other episodes. On the other hand, I loved “F. Emasculata” for how dark it managed to get. Conspiracies! Fun! I think my favorite of all of the non-mythology episodes was episode 23, “Soft Light.” This was allllll about my interests. I like anything physics-y and yes, this episode was made for me.

But the best part of season 2 were the mythology episodes. Oh my goodness, those mythology episodes. “Duane Barry” (episode 5) was just the beginning. “Ascension” (episode 6) was unreal. When I watched it, I literally said to myself, “this might be the best episode of tv I’ve ever seen.” That lasted until episodes 16 and 17 (“Colony” and “End Game”) when I then decided that these were now the greatest episodes I’d ever seen. SO MUCH HAPPENS. SO MUCH. We learn more about Mulder’s sister (or do we? I still don’t know) and his family. There are clones! And alien bounty hunters! And mystery everywhere!

And episode 25 (“Anasazi”). What the heck. I know Mulder isn’t dead because there’s 7 more seasons he needs to be alive for but I still felt the tension. Mulder’s dad is involved! What!!!!! I did not see that coming.

Moving forward, I hope we learn more about that mysteriously leaked cassette tape (lol cassette tape) and Mulder’s dad (I’m sure we will because I believe this finale episode is part of a 3-parter). I hope we learn more about “Mr. X” and what his motives are. I just…have so many questions.


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