2014 Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve become obsessed with looking at gift guides and finding out about a bunch of cool items to lust after and decided to make my own! While I’m calling this a “Holiday Gift Guide,” it is really just a bunch of stuff I really want this year.


The Twill Weekender in Bone – $95
I’ve traveled much more in the past year than I probably ever have and have spent one too many times overstuffing my suitcase. I’ve decided I need a nice carry-on type bag for my future endeavors and I’m pretty sure this bag is it. I keep going back and forth when deciding which color I love but I think I’m finally set on Bone. The bag seems so crisp and clean and just the aesthetic makes my travel-ridden frantic mind feel at ease. I would be crazy jealous of you if you found one of these under your tree.

41133_XXX_v1-w2000Black Matte 6-Cup Moka Pot – $19.99
I am a convert. I used to be obsessed with K-Cups but I have discovered a new life path. Taking that extra bit of time on your coffee makes such a difference. While I’m still a K-Cup fan if I’m in a hurry or a French Press advocate if I’m feeling bold, I’m all about moka pots now. Currently, I’m using my roommate’s pot but I’m in the market for one of my own. To me, this one just screams “Amanda.” But, to keep this a “gift guide” and not a “me guide,” it can also scream “your name” too! (wow, awkward)

501076625_product_1Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 Refill– $60
Maybe this scent is a gimmick, but I’ve definitely become intrigued from all I’ve heard about it – a fragrance that you can’t smell on yourself but apparently works with your body to create a scent all your own. As a fragrance fiend, there is no doubt that this must be mine. If you get a chance, check it out in person! (P.S. not sure why this is a “refill,” Barney’s doesn’t sell any other version and I can’t find another U.S. distributor with solid reviews so…not sure.)

a5f67603ab1f07844ea4f069e143b4e6Kate Spade Saturday Mini Mini Bag – $98
Can you tell I’m having a bag moment? As a girl who carries big bags and stuffs them with things I don’t need, I’m finally coming to the realization that small bags can be nice, too…or in this case, mini mini bags. Multiple times this year, I’ve had to bring a large bag to a concert or outdoors event… but, if I had a bag like this, all my problems would be solved! Yay! It comes in a bunch of other colors and (best of all) Saturday has sales a lot, meaning you could potentially get this bag for closer to $70!


Sephora Favorites Lashstash – $45
Let’s be real: I miiiight end up buying this for myself with my $25 rouge gift card. It is such a great deal! I mean, if you’re like me and never end up finishing a mascara because you have to throw it away after 2-3 months, then, hypothetically, this set could last you two years. And $45 for two years worth of mascara sounds pretty good to me.

Other things I like/you may like, too!: ASOS Millionaire Leather Brogues, What I Love About Movies: An Illustrated Compendium, Pai Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Fruit & Seed Oil Blend, BDG Jessica Cardigan Sweater, American Apparel Unisex Circle Scarf in Peppered Grey, Hair Bender Blend Stumptown Coffee Beans (2 Bags), BaubleBar Juniper Ear Jackets

Ahh, I want a lot of things…ha. Let us know what you’re hoping to receive this year!

  1. Arielle said:

    Love your post! These are all such amazing gift, my favourite is the bag, so beautiful ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amanda said:

      Thank you!! I think it might be my favorite, too!


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