Why I Love The Blacklist (and you should, too!)

Let me start by saying that this post has no spoilers. If you haven’t watched The Blacklist, you can read this!

I started watching The Blacklist a few months ago and watched the entire first season in 2 days. It was love at first episode. Here’s a little taste:

Exciting, right?! That open gets me every single time.

My favorite thing about The Blacklist (and probably everybody’s favorite thing) is James Spader. What a freaking joy it is to watch this man work. He is an amazing actor. His character, Reddington is (or was) one of the most wanted men in the world but turned himself in, in hopes of working with the FBI to go after those on his “list.” I always say that The Blacklist reminds me of a not-science-fiction-y version of Fringe. If that holds true, then Reddington is our Walter. He is the hilarious-mastermind-with-a-possibly-dark-past behind it all. You’re always left wondering “is he good? wait…is he bad…?” And I still don’t know the answer to that mid-way through season 2, but I think that’s why I love it. (#dynamiccharacters)

Of course there are plenty of other great characters but it is difficult to dive too much into them without spoiling anything. Basically, you just need to know that Raymond Reddington has turned himself in (kind of) and only wants to work with Elizabeth Keen, a woman who hasn’t even started her first day as an FBI profiler before Reddington walked into their doors and demanded to speak with her.

From episode 1, you’re bombarded with a ton of different questions: Why Elizabeth? What does this guy want? How does he know all of this? What is he capable of?

I love The Blacklist because it answers questions, but also constantly poses more. I love a show that can give me some real answers once in a while.

The Blacklist is such a cool show because it is actually maintaining a massive audience (one of the most popular shows currently on television) yet it keeps me on my toes. Most shows I start watching with this kind of popularity just end up falling flat at some point. I guess there’s still time but it hasn’t happened yet so I have hope it’ll stay strong.

As I said, I think you’d love this show if you like Fringe, but also if you like any show with crime and mystery and twist after twist after twist (with a little humor at times).

If you watch the show already, let me know what you think about it! And if you don’t, give it a chance! I think it definitely has something for everyone.

The Blacklist season 1 is available on Netflix.
The Blacklist will return on NBC on February 1, 2015 immediately after the Super Bowl.


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