The Goods (12/17/14)


  • I finished The Secret History but I don’t know if I have it in me to review it after reading so many pages (so many pages!). Regardless, I have moved on to another book and I’m already 1/4th done with it! I’m reading Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery by Robert Kolker. It’s kind of difficult to remember which name goes to which girl (there are so many subjects), but it’s still gripping. –Vanessa


  • I’m still at school because I have to take a final tomorrow. So, while everyone else is having fun back at home, I’m sad and alone in my apartment. Blasting my #1 Christmas song on repeat has helped me to feel better about it though. –Amanda
  • I take lists very seriously and my Albums of the Year list is my list of all lists. Got that? I created a playlist on Spotify with some of my AOTY contenders. Be nosy and have a listen here. –Fatima


  • I’ve spent my entire week watching tv non-stop instead of studying. I watched all of Black Mirror, Summer Heights High and Fargo and loved all of them. Next up, Orphan Black! –Amanda
  • I’ve been catching up on The Affair as many of my other priority shows have gone on break. The season finale airs next weekend, so I should be caught up by then! It got nominated for a ton of Golden Globes this week, which is kind of expected (a new Showtime drama series? Of course they’ll get nominated ten times over). But unexpected: E! Online said it’s the new LOST… yeah, okay.  -Vanessa


  • I’m a huge fan of Audiotree and the exposure they bring to up and coming artists. They are constantly featuring great acts in magnificent HD quality. Audiotree recently released a session with punk/math rock band Tiny Moving Parts and I’m obsessed. Check out the session below. –Fatima


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