Podcastin’ – Serial Episode 12

The last episode of Serial! My broken heart is full of sadness. As usual, don’t read past the read more until you’ve listened to episode 12.

As I’ve been doing, I’m going to list my feelings about the episode chronologically with the episode itself as I listen.

  • Haha, I definitely laughed at Adnan when he said “you don’t really have no ending?” Adnan is all of us.
  • Everything comes full circle! Sarah asks Adnan, once again, where he was and what he was doing that afternoon, just like she asked in the first episode. I like that.
  • Oh my god! Sarah talked to Don! That’s so cool because so many people have really wanted this for a long time (although I’m sure few people really hold to their Don theories).
  • After being told about what was going on, Don says he automatically retraced what he did on the day Hae went missing. Sarah said exactly what I was thinking – isn’t it kind of weird that Adnan didn’t do the same thing?
  • Moving on, Jay telling Josh about the murder….Jay is a weird guy, right? We can all agree on this. Like…what is going on with this? I like that Sarah said Josh’s recollection of Jay’s fear is better than Jay’s recollection, because I definitely agree. Although, it was probably easier for Josh if Jay was really as afraid as Josh claimed.
  • I also think its funny that all of Jay’s friends say he isn’t a killer, just like Adnan’s friends said about Adnan. I mean, this just further proves we have no idea what identifies a killer and everyone is capable of lying, especially if they’re trying to conceal a murder.
  • Re: The Nisha call. I was happy when Sarah said she was starting to think it was not important as the rest of the rest of us have been thinking the entire time (lol) but…she still spends a lot of time focusing on it. It is pretty cool that Sarah and co. discover the loophole that specifies it is possible Nisha may not have answered the phone.
  • I literally shrieked when Sarah said the Innocent Project has set in a motion to test the untested DNA from the case. That’s huge! That’s amazing! And this guy they think could possibly be responsible was released just 13 days before Hae’s murder. Can you imagine? I mean, I have goosebumps thinking about it. I know Sarah doesn’t feel that optimistic about it but just imagine if something did come of it and how drastically this could possibly change everything (although Sarah is definitely right – how the heck would Jay come into this?)
  • My favorite thing Sarah said is that she cannot believe Adnan would agree to do this podcast if he was a guilty man unless he was unbelievably cocky . I’ve thought this before, too and I feel the exact same way. Although, what do we really know? Maybe he is just cocky and feeds off of all these millions of people buying into his story…but I don’t think that’s the case.

At the end of Serial, my heart still hurts for everyone involved. This is all so terrible and so many lives were ruined. Now, at the end of it all, I feel more confused than ever before. I’ve always held pretty strong with my belief that I’m completely unsure about what I think happened, but leaning towards Adnan’s innocence…and actually, I am still unsure but I’m more in the middle. I do still think there’s the possibility of Adnan’s innocence but I’m also seeing the possibility of his guilt more than ever. Either way (and I know I constantly harp on this) once again all I know is that there is not enough to have imprisoned this kid for years. There is just not enough and that’s it. There is not enough.


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