Top 5 Portlandia Sketches

I am a massive fan of Portlandia. I mean, I might go as far as to say that it is my favorite show currently on television. I am constantly quoting the show, asking everyone “did you see that episode of Portlandia where…” I think everyone should watch this show, everyone. 

So, here it goes, a sort-of “primer,” if you will. My five favorite Portlandia sketches and the five you must watch if you ever intend on understanding the inner-workings of “me.”

(…jk but not jk, please watch this show)

1. Vintage Clothing Store
Saggy ass sad girl shorts! That laugh! “Did you see the movie The Net?” “The Neck?”

2. The Everything Plan
My favorite thing about this sketch is Kumail Nanjiani. I love that guy (especially because he’s the host of my favorite podcast/thing ever, The X-Files Files). Anyway, I feel like I find at least one reason per week to reference this episode. It is important to me.

3. Dumpster Divers
Every single time I see something cute, I say “Aw” just like Carrie when she finds that skeleton baby. Just. Like. Carrie. I have this video bookmarked on my phone because it the #1 thing I have to show people when I’m ~on-the-go~

4. Coffee Land
First thing that crosses my mind every single morning: COFFEE LAND. First thing that will cross my mind if I ever go to Portland: COFFE LAND.

5. A-O River
Definitely, definitely the my absolute favorite Portlandia sketch ever. What is the point? What is the point? We shoulda brought that camera! A-O RIVER, A-O RIVER, A-O RIVER.


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