Fatima’s Albums of the Year List

It’s list season and I worked long and hard putting this one together. Here are my top records and singles of 2014:


1. Alcest Shelter
(Favorite Track: Opale)

2. James Vincent McMorrowPost Tropical
(Favorite Track: Cavalier)

3. Swans To be Kind
(Favorite Track: A Little God In My Hands)

4. BotanistVI: Flora
(Favorite Track: Rhizophora)

5.ArrangeTheir Bodies in a Fog
(Favorite Track: Heart- What If This Were It)

6. ThouAlgiers
(Favorite Track: Millstone)

7. A Winged Victory For The SullenATOMOS
(Favorite Track: Atomos VI)

8.NothingGuilty of Everything
(Favorite Track: B&E)

9. Orcas Yearling
(Favorite Track: Selah)

10. iceagePlowing Into the Field of Love
(Favorite Track: How Many)

11. empire! empire! (I was a lonely estate)You Will Eventually Be Forgotten
(Favorite Track: A Keepsake)

12. Silver Mt. Zion- Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light On Everything
(Favorite Track: What We Loved Was Not Enough)

13. The Caution ChildrenSafe Crusades/ No Judgements/ And Baby
(Favorite Track: Shouldn’t Have Used Black Magic)

14. MogwaiRave Tapes
(Favorite Track: Hexon Bogon)

15.The ContortionistLanguage
(Favorite Track: Ebb & Flow)

16. Free ThrowThose Days Are Gone
(Favorite Track: Tongue Tied)

17. Aphex TwinSyro
(Favorite Track: PAPAT4[155][pineal mix])

18. The HotelierHome, Like Noplace Is There
(Favorite Track: Among the Wildflowers)

19. Sun Kil MoonBenji
(Favorite Track: Pray For Newton)

20. Gates Bloom and Breathe
(Favorite Track: Not My Blood)

21. Have A Nice Life- The Unnatural World
(Favorite Track: Burial Society)

22. Every Time I Die From Parts Unknown
(Favorite Track: Exometrium)

23. You Blew It! Keep Doing What You’re Doing
(Favorite Track: Regional Dialect)

24. Somos Temple of Plenty
(Favorite Track: Strangest Example)

25. Dikembe Mediumship
(Favorite Track: Snakes in My Path)

26. Schoolboy QOxymoron
(Favorite Track: Break The Bank)

27. From Indian LakesAbsent Sounds
(Favorite Track: Sleeping Limbs)

28. Cloud Nothings Here and Nowhere Else
(Favorite Track: No Thoughts)

29. United Nations The Next Four Years
(Favorite Track: Fuck the Future)

30. Destiny Potato Lun
(Favorite Track: Take A Picture)

Honarable Mentions (aka stuff I had to cut out because otherwise the list would be stupid long):

This Will Destroy YouAnother Language
Pianos Become the TeethKeep You
The War On DrugsLost In the Dream
BehemothThe Satanist
Henrietta The Trick Is Not Minding
WeatherboxFlies In All Directions
Geotic Morning Shore
BiospherePatashnik 2

Chandelier- Sia
Bang, Bang- Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj
Blank Space- Taylor Swift

I listen to a stupid amount of music but there’s always room for more. Tell me about some of your favorite albums of 2014 and if you made a list, share it in the comments!


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