Vanessa’s December Favorites

This month I have favorites encompassing different themes including music, film, television, lifestyle, and make-up. Let’s get started!

Nick Jonas’ self-titled

After listening to Jealous on the radio a million times in the past month, I decided to check out Nick Jonas’ self-titled album. I was more than pleasantly surprised, as I’d listened to Joe Jonas’ debut solo Fastlife and hadn’t liked it. In contrast, Nick Jonas’ self-titled is soulful, honest, and fresh. My favorite tracks are Chains, Numb (featuring Angel Haze!), and Santa Barbara. This is perfect studying music or getting-ready music.

Gone Girl


I finally watched Gone Girl! I thought the film did the book justice with the time a film allows, but it’s one of my favorites this month mostly because it acted as a supplement to the book. Furthermore, I love Ben Affleck, and I thought Rosamund Pike killed it as Amazing Amy. I didn’t love everything about the film (just like I didn’t love everything about the book) but it was a fun and exciting film to watch. The best part about the film to me other than the acting or directing was the portrayal of the Nancy Grace-esque 24-hour news network–even down to the Southern accent.


Somehow, I ended up watching a lot of HGTV this past half-month whenever my mom and I didn’t want to watch something about murder (The First 48, reruns of CSI and Criminal Minds, MSNBC’s Lockup). Instead, we watched Property Brothers, Rehab Addict (with LeBron James too!), and Beachfront/Lakefront Bargain Hunt. HGTV’s line-up is entertaining and I enjoyed watching it with my mom. Now I know I must look for beachfront vacation homes under $300,000… because they exist.

Miami’s Wynwood Neighborhood and Art District

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 7.59.18 AM

I’d never been to Wynwood before this month. I thought it would be something different than what it was, but alas it was still interesting and well worth the drive. It was a nice 70 degrees when I went and there weren’t many people around. I spent a good hour and a half walking around and enjoying the atmosphere. I’m not super into art, but I can recognize how much hard work all of those murals must take.


Lancome Travel Chic Evening Make-Up Pouch

Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 8.06.28 AM

My mom bought me this pouch as part of her gifts to me. While at first the colors didn’t seem like my style, I fell in love with the lip colors.  The bright, fuschia pink you see above was my favorite thing overall this month. The color is not overpowering or glossy yet it feels moisturizing like a lip balm and pretty in color like a lipstick. I love it.

Well, that’s it for me this month. Until next time!


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