Amanda’s December Favorites


I loved so many things this month, I am bursting with love!

Cashmere Bed Socks – I spent months lusting after these socks but could not bring myself to spend this kind of money on socks. I finally caved as a reward to myself after I aced my first Latin exam back in October. Since then, I’ve barely worn another pair of socks. In fact, I’m fairly certain that I haven’t because (unfortunately) I’ve already worn a small hole into these bad boys. The hole seems repairable though so all is still well. Not sure if I’d advise anyone to spend this much on a pair of socks, even if they feel softer than a baby’s bottom, but they still make me very happy.

Nars Douceur & Real Techniques Blush Brush – My perfect duo. Ever since I bought this blush in the VIB sale last month, there has not been one day I’ve gone without it. It is the perfect pinky-brown for me, especially because I spend a lot of time worrying about going overboard with blush. Between the brush (making life super easy by helping to seamlessly blend my blush) and the blush itself, I’m a happy camper. (Unfortunately, however, I’ve heard that this blush is discontinued 😦 seriously hoping this is not true but if it is, I’ve heard there’s a dupe for it in Tarte’s blush line!)

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 Styling Cream – I’ve deemed 2014 the year of bettering my hair and that is all thanks to investing in new tools and this stuff. I first tried this after receiving a rather large sample of it during a VIB Rouge event. I made my way through both my own bottle and my mom’s before buying the full size last month. I’m not sure what exactly it does, but it makes a ton of claims and I can definitely tell a difference if I dry my hair without first applying this.

Victoria Secret T-Shirt Bra – This bra has changed everything. Everything. I used to detest spending $50 on a bra that I only half loved. Now? I’d pay $100 for one of these. Okay, maybe not, but you know what I mean. I only discovered these on Black Friday and I already have 3. They are my new favorite thing and I’ve literally told every single girl I’ve had a conversation with in the past month to buy one of these.

The X-Files Files Podcast – My life has peaked too soon. I have discovered the thing I love the most. I would honestly rather listen to this podcast than watch any tv show or movie. Anyway, I wrote a blog post about how much I freakin’ love this podcast so you can read that if you’re interested in learning more.

Fargo (TV Show) – I watched a lot of tv this month but Fargo was definitely my favorite. Billy Bob Thornton is just so yes. I also wrote a blog post about this if you want to know more, but there are spoilers!

Finally, just wanted to mention my favorite perfume of the month because I’ve been switching it up from my signature (kind of), Diptyque Eau Rose. Instead, this month, I’ve ventured into layering my scents. My winning combo consists of Jo Malone Earl Grey & Cucumber, NEST Indigo and Elizabeth and James Nirvana White. I discovered it one day when I couldn’t make up my mind and ended up spraying everything in arm’s reach. It’s so good.

And lastly, I wanted to mention one more thing. A few months ago, I mentioned Argan Oil as one of my favorites but, unfortunately, I must now take back that statement. Since including argan oil in my routine back in May, I quickly noticed I had absolutely no pimples and I was ecstatic! I never got them too bad in general but none at all was obviously ideal….except, I did notice, even though I was slathering my face with this oil, my nose was starting to get a bit dry. I ignored it, attributing it to hormones or the consequences of constant travelling. Months and months passed by and I finally started getting a really red patch on my right cheek. It got colder and colder outside so I assumed the weather was causing my skin to get dry and flakey, never even once suspecting my skincare. Super weird for me because I’ve always had normal/oily skin, even in the cold in years past. Anyway, I kept using my argan oil. Lo and behold, two weeks ago, my cheeks were both extremely, extremely flakey and red. To be honest, it very disgusting looking and I was thankful to be locked alone in my apartment. I caved and removed literally everything from my skincare routine, trying to pin down any possible culprit…everything but argan oil. I continued using only argan oil in an attempt to moisturize my skin…but nothing was changing. In fact, it was getting worse. I googled it and found that someone else out there experienced rosacea like symptoms and was told to stop using argan oil by their dermatologist! I was shocked. I immediately stopped using the oil and started using an aloe based natural moisturizer. Within a day, my skin was so much better. A week later, my skin is almost completely back to normal (but with a pimple or two in tow, unfortunately). I’m super saddened to know I can no longer use the argan oil to keep away my pimples but I would much, much rather have a pimple or two than be completely unsure of what is going on with my skin. Anyway, just thought I’d do a little redaction here because of my experience. I know a ton of people never, ever have this problem, and I know that, for me personally, this problem only reaaally developed after about 7 months of very constant use, but just thought I’d share just in case.


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