Podcastin’ – The X-Files Files

I’ve discovered a lot of things over the last year. New tv, new movies, new books, and (most importantly) a newly-discovered love for podcasts. I am thankful for this most of all because I have discovered The X-Files Files. Yeah, I’m probably overstating a bit but wow, The X-Files Files might be my favorite thing ever.

I can hardly begin to put into words my love for this podcast. I wish that I knew more people who watched The X-Files simply because I want them to listen to this podcast.

Kumail Nanjiani is a freakin’ phenomenal host. He loves The X-Files, which is all you really want from someone who hosts a podcast about the show, but he takes it so much further. You can just tell how much he loves watching the show (even if its his fifth time watching an episode) and doing the research and talking to his friends (and sometimes his wife) (and sometimes people who actually worked on The X-Files!) about this stuff. He gets so excited and it just makes me so excited. Sometimes I just scream in my room along with Kumail when he starts freaking out about even the idea of David Duchovny or Gillian Anderson being on his podcast. If that ever happened…it might just be too much for me.

And, as if Kumail and his comedic genius were not enough (I’m literally in hysterics as I listen to him go on and on about how great Scully is for putting up with Mulder during his “tantrums”), he has these freaking amazing guests on the show. From Jack Black (who was actually in an episode of The X-Files) to Dan Harmon to Kevin Smith, it’s mind-blowing to hear these celebrities geek out over the same things I’m geeking out over. My favorite guests, however, are those people who worked on the show back in the day. Kumail actually had Darin Morgan and Glen Morgan (writers from the show) on to talk about their experiences on the show and that is so cool to me. I’ve fallen in love with the idea of listening to a podcast along with a tv show but The X-Files Files takes it to a whole new level. What other podcast lets you get a first-hand account from people who worked on a show 20 years ago? That’s right. There (probably) ain’t one.

Most of all, I love this podcast because it has helped me to completely and utterly fall in love with this The X-Files. I mean, The X-Files would be phenomenal even if The X-Files Files didn’t exist, but this podcast just makes it all the better. Hearing the hilarious but insightful opinions of people who grew up with this show is something I definitely would not have access to if it weren’t for this podcast. Learning more about the show and its ratings and critical reception during its initial broadcast 20 years ago is not something I would even think about if I was watched the show without the podcast. I just wholeheartedly feel that The X-Files Files brings so much more to the show than I could have ever imagined and, for that, I love it.

Serial introduced me to the world of podcasts but The X-Files Files made me fall in love. I know I’ll never find another podcast I love this much but for now, I’m just happy to know I’ve got so many more episodes comin’ my way.

I dare you to find someone who has ever fangirl-ed over a podcast as much as I just did.


If you are even remotely interested in watching The X-Files, definitely urge you to check out The X-Files Files, available for free on iTunes. You will not regret it.


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