The Goods (1/7/15)


  • I’ve been reading Sandra Cisnero’s The House on Mango Street because I wanted something short. It’s pretty beautiful and it makes me wish I had read it when I was younger. -Vanessa


  • Found out about these awesome women through one of my favorite bloggers, Nicolette Mason (Nicolette is my Queen of all things Cool – her lists about New York guide my way each time I find myself in the city). This story is part of Refinery 29’s Style Out There series and it is beyond inspiring. –Amanda


  • Made Essie Button’s Power Protein Soup this week and it is so good! It made a ton, too, which is great, especially since its freezin’ outside and sometimes you just need something to make you warm and happy. –Amanda


  • Have you guys checked out this choreography for Beyonce’s 7/11? It’s incredible and makes me wanna yell because why can’t I dance!?! -Vanessa


  • Lots of reality television is back, y’all! Every season I am done with The Real World and every season I’m pulled back into the black hole. The Real World: Skeletons started a few weeks ago and it’s been entertaining as far as debauched television goes! Furthermore, The Challenge is also back! Last night’s Battle of the Exes II premiere was both exciting and sad. Watching Diem and Knight is gonna be tough. -Vanessa

  • Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife (it’s finally back from its month-long break!) was stunning. It made me cry! I haven’t cried watching The Good Wife in a long time so that’s how you know this episode is special. -Vanessa

What are your favorite things this week?


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