Amateur Mixology #6 – Bloody Mary

DSC03446My roommate Lauren made these Bloody Marys for us about two months ago and we planned on talking about it on the blog but everything got crazy and we sort of forgot… 

but we recently found the pictures so I thought I’d bring this back to the surface.

This amateur mixology is going to be very different than my typical ones because I didn’t actually make the drinks myself. I helped set up the extra add-ons but didn’t actually concoct the drink. I’m sure there are a ton of Bloody Mary recipes out there (here’s one!) (and even mixes if you’re feelin’ super lazy) so just check those out if you’re interested.


What we used.

Even though Bloody Marys are quintessential for all people who love brunch (me), I’m really not a fan of them. I don’t like vodka and I don’t like tomato-anything (besides actual tomatoes). Lauren, on the other hand, loves Bloody Marys and insisted we try them again before we decided we hated them.


Vodka – Amanda’s mortal enemy

Lauren made it all and my feelings shifted, sort of. I still hate vodka and I still don’t really like Bloody Marys but I don’t hate them. Light on the vodka, heavy on the olives and bacon and horseradish and I’m a happy camper.

If you do like Bloody Marys (like Lauren does), try making them at home along with your own Bloody Mary bar. It’s a super fun thing to do with your friends and its cool to try out new add-ons that may enhance your drinking experience. Even if you’ve completely decided you hate Bloody Marys (like me), give it a try! Worst case scenario, you’ll get a bunch of bacon out of it.


Worth it.


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