Podcastin’ – Stuff You Should Know

I started listening to Stuff You Should Know about two weeks ago and I’m completely addicted. It’s the podcast I’ve dreamed of finding and now do not know what I’d do without.

Stuff You Should Know started years ago, so I obviously have not yet listened to all of the episodes yet. I started from the first episode back in 2008 and have since been listening to all of the episodes that pique my interest.

Stuff You Should Know is very different from the podcasts I’ve listened to so far. I usually listen to podcasts that tell specific stories or talk about whatever tv show I’m watching. I love Stuff You Should Know because its the perfect podcast to fill my “empty” time (and I mean this in the best way). It is something I can listen to while I make coffee in the morning or while I get ready for school. I don’t have to come into the podcast with a bunch of prior knowledge (actually, I love this podcast because our hosts, Chuck and Josh, explain everything) and I can just sit back and enjoy.

Chuck and Josh are very objective and informative and make sure to cover all of the bases of a specific topic. I almost never find myself having to look up extra information after listening to an episode because literally all of my questions have already been answered. As someone who is glued to Wikipedia, that’s pretty amazing for me.

I’d recommend Stuff You Should Know for people who love to learn (obviously). Its different from all of the other podcasts I listen to so I couldn’t specifically recommend it for listeners of another podcast.

I’ve made a list of my favorite episodes so far for you to check out if you’re interested. Again, I haven’t listened to all of the episodes so this list isn’t all encompassing (yet).

  • How Albert Einstein’s Brain Worked
  • Can we build an elevator to space?
  • How Alien Hand Syndrome Works
  • How Deja Vu Works
  • Is the Necronomicon real?
  • How Narco States Work
  • How Organ Donation Works
  • How Twins Work How Twins Work
  • How the Innocence Project Works (super interesting if you like Serial!)

(This list is very much tailored to what interests me so you should also just check out their entire feed to see if they have episodes you’ll enjoy!)

Let me know if you check out this podcast! Also, I’m always on the lookout for new stuff I should listen to (see what I did there?) so let me know if there’s anything you’d recommend!


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