Starting My 365 Journal: A New Year’s Resolution I Might Actually Keep

Two summers ago I got really into journaling when I was studying abroad in Florence. Every day I would collect little knick knacks from restaurants, shops, and museums, and I’d glue them onto a journal. Next to the images, I would write about my day, every day. Journaling that summer has helped me remember memories better and will always serve as a primary source of my experience abroad.

After my Florence journal, I bought a new journal… and I did write in it, but I definitely didn’t write in it as often as when I had a different daily itinerary every day. Is it me or does it seem boring to just write, “Went to class” “Ate dinner” when just a little while ago I was writing “Saw Michelangelo’s David today.” I stopped writing every day because nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

Then, I looked at my journal last month and realized that I had gone one month, two months without journaling at times. I wanted to change that in the New Year. After all, journaling has always been a relaxing outlet for me.

This project’s main purpose is to inspire me to be creative, productive, and reflective. After all, I am never going to be the same age as I am right this second.

I decided I would start a 365 journal, and with a little help from online prompts, I would write or craft every day.


I came across kikki.K and found some old journal prompts they posted a few years ago. After giving them a look-over, I realized they were actually engaging and interesting prompts. They were not the typical prompts you find on the Internet, which are corny and unoriginal. Instead they were topics that make you think, make you be introspective, or make you be creative.

My first step has been to copy and paste the prompts into a chart on a Word document. I get about 10 prompts per page and that way I can just cut them out as the days come.

DSC03474I usually use scrapbooking paper to outline the prompt, so it’s not just a piece of white computer paper on another piece of white journal paper. I use scrapbooker’s glue, which is less messy than normal glue, but I’m thinking of using more tape/adhesives to put stuff together. My next purchase is probably going to be adhesive dots or squares, but I must be sure before I take the plunge!

DSC03472I think one of the most important aspects to inspire one to journal is to pick great writing utensils. The right utensil is the one that writes smooth and easy, yet also writes bold. My favorite pens and markers always make me more excited to write. For example, I bought these markers during my Florence study abroad trip and I still use them two and a half years later. I also always invest in better pens than just the 20-in-a-pack Bics.


Here are some examples of the pages I’ve already done. Mind you, it’s only been 11 days and I am in serious need of new crafting supplies. I’m making do with what I have for now because I don’t want to just spend $50 or $100 and then a month later have me be a complete failure.


DSC03470Here is yesterday’s entry: my biggest fear.



I also still save stuff from my adventures in town. I keep newspaper clippings, receipts, stickers, restaurant business cards, and random stuff I print from the Internet. For example, here is a newspaper clipping from January 7.


Overall, I think I can keep at this 365 journal. The prompts are fun and they inspire me to write and craft–be it half a page or a few pages. If I keep at it, I will update you guys with some better looking pages! Maybe by then I will have sold off all of my belongings for new craft supplies.


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