Amanda’s Makeup Organization

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My makeup organization isn’t perfect…at all. In our current apartment, my options are kind of limited. I don’t have a ton of extra space to set up a vanity or dresser solely dedicated to my makeup (oh, the dream!) and I can’t afford to give up my entire desk to makeup storage. Currently, I keep all of the makeup I don’t wear on a daily basis in an empty drawer in my desk and most of my lip products and extra eyeliners and mascara in a 5-drawer acrylic case from Muji. I’m hoping to downsize a lot over the next few months before graduation. I want to contain my collection so I can actually fit it all into one organized space when I eventually move into my first post-college apartment. For now, this is what I do: a small space mostly on the floor near the window in my bedroom.


Most of the time, I use a small chair to hold my mirror and brushes up directly in front of the window. I used to not care about doing my makeup in natural light but I’ve been using a lot of foundations lately that don’t exactly match my face and need some extra care when it comes to blending it out.


I bought this mirror from Ikea and it is perfect. My only complaint is that I can’t seem to get it completely clean for some reason…but its fine. I like it because I can easily move it around my room or even into the living room if I’m doing my makeup somewhere different for the day.


I keep my brushes, my beauty blender and my sharpener right next to the mirror. The gold “A” mug is from anthropologie (similar here) but I believe it is seasonal for Christmas-time. They seem to bring them back every year so just wait it out if you want a gold one! I’m not sure where the I(Heart)NY one is from but I assume someone brought it back for me as a souvenir from New York. Lastly, the heart container I use for my sharpener is a gift from my mom. I think she got it in Mexico but I’m not positive.

I keep my most-reached-for stuff right next to the mirror in a small container from Target. I use a plastic container from Amazon and an empty birchbox to organize my things. I mostly just keep extra tools (an eyelash curler, a few extra foundation brushes) and my eyeliner, mascara and eyebrow products in the plastic container. I use the empty birchbox to organize my concealers and cream eyeshadows.



Behind all of this, I keep my most-reached-for palettes. I’m trying to branch out from my two Lorac Pro palettes but it’s rough because I just love them so much. Currently, I’m trying to use my Naked3 palette a bit more often. I’ll probably switch that out for another palette in the next few weeks. I also keep my Hourglass Ambient Light palette here, too.


I keep my foundation, blush and bronzer on the side and front of the separate organizers. I switch my foundation up a lot, especially depending on how well my skin is behaving each day.

And that’s it! I can’t wait to get through some of this stuff and continue to use up some makeup and make room for new things. Let me know how you organize your things or if you can suggest anything to better my set-up!


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