The Lust List #1

As a self-proclaimed shopping addict, I am constantly convincing myself I “need” things. It’s something I’m trying to back away from as I grow up and have real bills and expenses but…you know, things! beautiful things! are calling my name!

Just kidding but also not kidding. Instead, I thought I’d channel my wants and “needs” through gushing words rather than actual purchases. Let’s see about that.

Le Creuset Cast-Iron Heart Shaped Dutch Oven – I’m 22 years old but never really considered myself an adult until I decided that I want a pot…but not just any pot. This dutch oven is the stuff of dreams. I’ve decided 2015 is the year I’m going to learn to cook and, so far, I’ve done pretty well with it. I probably won’t actually invest in beautiful cookware until I’ve got my own post-college place but one day, it will be mine.

DryBar Full Pint Medium Round Brush – I recently got the DryBar Buttercup hair dryer for Christmas and I love it. I got it in a set with the half pint brush, which I love, but have found is a bit too small for my incredibly long (and desperately needing to be cut) hair. I’m not sure if this is my “dream” round brush but I know I like the smaller version so I think I’d like the larger one, too, so I think its a good place to start.

Sam Edelman Petty Boot in Putty Suede – Oh man. I first discovered these when my friend Lauren bought them a few months ago and I thought they were beautiful. I’ve reaaaally been wanting a pair of taupe-ish booties and I’m not sure if this is my perfect pair but they’re as close as I’ve actually seen so far. I think if they were to lean a bit more beige they might be perfect but, either way, these are my current front runners.

  1. Get the shoes! They are actually way more comfortable than I thought they would be and they look even better when they get worn in and a taaad dirty.


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