I Know I’m Late But… Friends Season 2

I just finished Friends season 2 and, once again, loved it. I do, however, have some changed opinions since the end of season 1.

First and most importantly, Rachel and Ross are together! And they’re so sweet! I love it. I spent a lot of this season being enamored with Ross. Also, had some time realizing I am Rachel. I realized it when she was so upset that Monica went shopping with Julie at Bloomingdale’s…nothing has ever sounded more “me.” Is that sad? Is that a bad thing to admit? Sometimes she just says things and I’m like, “Oh wait, yep…I’d say that, too.”

Season 2 was great. I laughed a lot and barely even cried at all! I felt immensely sad for Rachel in the beginning (before Ross and Julie broke up) but ya know, that’s all over. Oh! And I also cried in the season finale when Monica and Dr. Burke (essentially) broke up. He was so great…I’m tearing up just thinking about Monica losing him. Why!?

I know its only season 2 but something I really liked this season was how much everyone is already growing up (kind of). Phoebe took a huge plunge in searching for her father. Joey took a major step in attempting to live on his own (even though it stemmed out of a dumb fight). Chandler has a big ol’ adult job that he’s settling into.Ross and Rachel have been so good for each other as they move into a very “adult” relationship. Monica has had to deal with the realities of losing her job and, even though she hasn’t always made the best decisions (losing her money in the stock market), I’m sure good things are coming for her soon.

My biggest development throughout the season was my love for Joey. By that, I mostly mean my diminishing love for Joey.

As I said, I’ve started to group people I know into “who they are” (ie: Rachel=me). I’ve realized Joey reminds me so much of somebody I know and I just can’t not see him as that person now. I meeean, Joey’s still cute but my love has shifted…

and now I love Chandler.

Chandler! I can’t believe it either. We’ll see how he deals with the biggest “shocker” of the finale (Janice’s return) before I fully commit to this new love.

And that’s really it. I can’t wait to start season 3 and see if any of my feelings about any of this changes (again)!


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