Birchbox Unboxing – January 2015 – Relax & Recharge



I just got my Birchbox in the mail and I couldn’t be happier with it!

First, a little background: I love Birchbox. I’ve been a happy subscriber for the past almost-3 years and I have never looked back.

I first learned about Birchbox after Michelle, my roommate at the time, started receiving her monthly boxes. I was instantly jealous of her exciting little mid-month surprises so I jumped on the chance to sign up when my mom offered to gift me a year’s subscription.

If you aren’t familiar, Birchbox is a monthly subscription service. For $10 a month, you get a specially curated box including products ranging from makeup and skincare to lifestyle accessories. To top it all off, you get 10 Birchbox points for every item you review from your box. For every 100 points, you get $10 to spend in the Birchbox shop where you can buy full sized products! On average, I tend to get about 50 Birchbox points from these reviews each month. I use this to justify things: I get about $5 back in points each month making it feel like I’m only really paying $5 for each box…and that can’t be beat.

And, to top it all off, Birchbox has been doing something incredibly awesome for the last few months – letting you take part in what comes in your month box. Each month, Birchbox will show you a handful of items and let you pick which one you’d like in your box. They’ve also recently added the option to instead pick one of their limited edition boxes specially made by a “guest” of sorts (like a website) or a box fitting a specific idea.

This month, I chose the last option. I picked the Relax & Recharge box.




To be fair, I did choose my box this month so I knew what would be in it.

There were a few specific reasons I chose this box. For one, I love eye cream samples. One decent sized eye cream sample can last forever! In fact, I’ve only ever bought myself one eye cream because I always have so many samples that last for months and months.

I also chose this box because it had a sample of a Briogeo product. I’ve been hearing a ton of great things about this brand and was really happy to have the chance to try something out from them.

I also got two samples of Teapigs tea! I’ve been considering ordering a full sized set of these teas but I was glad to get two bags to try before I committed to a box.



In the box, I also received a fairly nice sized sample of a Manna Kadar lip stain. The color is exactly what I like to wear to class on a day to day basis so I’m also happy about that.

Also received a body balm from Perlier. I’ve gotten this exact sample in another box but was happy to get it again. Just like eye cream, I actually really like getting body cream samples if they’re a nice size. It is so much easier to get a small size I can toss into a bag than have huge tubs sitting around. Plus, don’t you just love finishing up a product? It is so much easier when its just a small tube.



Lastly, I received a When sheet mask. I’ve only ever used one sheet mask before and enjoyed it. I’m excited to save this one to bring with me when I head home for spring break.

Overall, if you’re even a little bit intrigued by Birchbox, give it a try. It’s a great opportunity to try out new products you may have never tried on your own!

Let me know if you love Birchbox, too, and what you got in your box this month!



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