This Week on Reality TV: “The Real World: Skeletons”


Wednesdays are the hardest days of my weeks. Usually when I get home I’m so tired and my head is so heavy that I can’t do much more than eat dinner and plop on the couch to catch up on reality television. Then, my brain is so fried that I am able to fall right to sleep.

This past Wednesday I caught up on a lot of reality television, but for this post I’m going to be focusing on The Real World: Skeletons as it was the stand-out of the week, airing one of its best episodes in ages.

On The Real World, we saw two more skeletons show up.

After meeting Sylvia’s skeleton, Alicia, I wasn’t sure if this twist was going to work. Even towards the beginning of this week’s episode, when we met Tony’s ex, Elizabeth, I was still ambivalent about her screen time.

I thought Elizabeth would be nice but ostracized by all the girls, which would then bring all the drama and tension. Instead, Elizabeth wanted to be ostracized–giving everyone the cold shoulder and having the worst time imaginable during her birthday celebration at a club (someone hands her a free martini, she frowns at the person).

Elizabeth was not likable because she was constantly snapping her fingers at Tony and making him get her t-shirts, telling him the clothes he was wearing looked dumb, and telling him to “shut up and go to dinner” with her. I couldn’t picture Tony with a girl like Elizabeth, not because I like Tony (I don’t) but because he seems like he doesn’t let girls stop him from doing what he wants.

After having a “resting bitch face” (Tony’s words) the entire night of her birthday, Elizabeth goes back to the house and calls everyone fake. And then the fireworks came, with Elizabeth telling Tony, “Hate me. Do it! Hate me.”

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 4.49.58 PM

This strange line by Elizabeth led Tony to get all deep about his father’s death. She replied, “You never lived what I lived!” The whole interaction seemed so awkward and forced, liked some drunk fight must end up in a discussion about the psychological state of everyone’s mind in relation to their past troubles. Like if we didn’t hear about addicts for fathers or absent fathers in general this wouldn’t be The Real World.

Really, it was like Elizabeth was still trying to determine what the cameras around her wanted to hear, not too long after she had been giving Tony slack about leaving her for a reality television show.

Tony ended up giving her a disgusted look, telling her she’s “dirty” (what the heck does that mean?).

The next day arrives, and we meet Alyssa. (Side note: I don’t understand why they have her under “Tony’s ex/Stalker,” does she really stalk him in real life?)

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 4.49.23 PM

Alyssa’s introductory lines were straight gold. Madison screams, “Alyssa!” And Alyssa says hello back. Then Nicole goes, “Wait, how do you know homegirl?” pointing at Madison, only to have Alyssa say, “I’ve talked to her on the phone; she’s smashing my ex.” I died.

I thought it was hilarious how different all of the housemates were with Alyssa. When Elizabeth walked through the door, they were quiet and awkward. In contrast, everyone was laughing and jumping around when Alyssa showed up. I know Madison would be friends with anyone, but bless her reaction to Alyssa: true joy.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 4.49.09 PMAll in all, we saw Tony sleep with Elizabeth as if they are still together, then we saw him kiss Alyssa when she showed up as if they were still together, and this is all after Tony had sex with Madison a day prior to Elizabeth’s arrival as if they were together. What is even going on on this show? It’s amazing.

Now, we won’t really know what’s going to go down with Tony and his trio of girls, but it sure brought new life to the show. All I know is I have serious questions for casting: why did we get the dud that is Tony when we could’ve gotten Alyssa?

Until next time!

The Real World: Skeletons airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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  1. Drea said:

    Tony is a dog, but sooooo hot! 😖


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