Amateur Mixology #7 – Basil Jalapeno Margarita

amateurmixologyProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I’ve been in somewhat of a drink rut lately. Completely unsure of what to make and tired of just mixing a bunch of ingredients I had on hand, I decided I wanted to infuse. 

We had a jalapeno in the fridge and I thought “hey, why not?” and chopped it up and stuck it in a jar of tequila for a few days.

Can you imagine what that smelled like after 48 hours? I mean, c’mon.
But all that matters: it tasted reaaaal good. 

I decided to search the internet for some inspiration/justification. What do you put with jalapeno infused tequila?! And then I stumbled on this lil gem. And it was perfect. We just planted a new basil plant!



And let me tell ya, it was a match made in heaven.



Pretty much the only way my variation of this differs from the original recipe is my use of gold tequila rather than silver. I actually prefer silver but, because I prefer it and constantly use it, we were out.

Does it really matter? Probably…maybe…I don’t know. Amateur mixologist here, remember?!

This drink was such a nice combination of contrasting flavors. I rimmed Vanessa’s glass with sugar which made it sweet and slightly spicy. I rimmed mine with salt and it was salty and spicy! And with that basil? Ugh, perfection.

Let me know if you try this out, especially if you change the recipe at all. I’d definitely love to try out jalapeno infused tequila with something else sometime.


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