Day in the Life: Brunch!

Vanessa and I recently found ourselves with two bottles of champagne in our fridge. And, I mean, logically, we instantly thought “mimosas!” and decided to host brunch at our apartment with a few of our closest friends!



Sorry some of these pictures are a bit blurry…we had just spent 90 minutes cooking and couldn’t wait to dig in!

Honestly, just thought I’d walk you through what we did and hopefully encourage you to host a brunch of your own. It was so much fun to do and really much more cost-efficient than going out to brunch at a restaurant!

First, we decided what we wanted to eat. I made a list of the recipes and laid out the ingredients.

We knew we wanted mimosas and sangria.


Luckily we had all the alcohol sitting around the apartment so we really only had to account for fruit for the sangria and orange juice for the mimosas.

Then we decided we definitely needed some “healthy” fruit option…so we opted for parfaits, of course.



Next up, we needed eggs in there somewhere. We accounted for about two eggs per person. We originally intended on following this recipe for huevos rancheros…and we did, kind of. We followed it exactly, actually, besides the fact that we scrambled the eggs. It was just faster! And we were hungry!!


Blurry cause hungry


eggs in a popcorn bowl

Just gotta make sure you don’t run out of bowls and plates. Notes for next time!

Most of all, we were excited to make this glorious red flannel hash.  So, while we bought everything for the recipe, we quickly realized not everyone likes beets…or sweet potatoes. So we put all that on the side.



The potatoes tasted incredible (even though we may have boiled them too long and turned them into mashed potatoes), even without the beets and sweet potatoes. I personally decided to include the beets and sweet potatoes in my own portion cause I wanted the real experience. Would definitely recommend you checking out that recipe.

And besides that, we just had a few basics! Bacon! Toast! Orange juice!DSC03531DSC03528

Again, it was so much fun, and all the ingredients divided 5 ways was only about $13 each (and we had a ton of leftovers). Much cheaper (and more fun) than going out for brunch. The only thing – definitely plan to lay around and do nothing for the rest of the day, you’ll need it.


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