The Goods (1/28/15)



  • Have I ever mentioned my undying interest in Coelacanths? No? It all started when I was a little girl playing Animal Crossing. My brother and I caught a Coelacanth and instantly wanted to know what made it worth 15,000 Bells…and the rest is history. I recently came across this amazing video about the research going into these fish and, trust me, even if you don’t care, this video is great. –Amanda



  • I finally caught up with the first week of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore! While I miss Colbert, I must say that Larry Wilmore’s show is fresh, funny, and something you should be watching. I especially love Wilmore’s “Keep It 100” segment, where he asks surprising questions to unsuspecting panel guests. Wilmore rewards those that answer quickly and honestly with stickers and throws tea bags at those that falter. People that have faltered so far? Politician Cory Booker, who sidestepped a question about his possible future presidential aspirations. -Vanessa

The Internet

  • I haven’t actually mentioned it on here yet but I’ve been taking Spanish “lessons” (kind of…not really) on! I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re interested in learning or honing your skills. –Amanda

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