Vanessa’s January Favorites

monthlyfavorites IMG_1720It’s a brand new year of favorites!

One thing I really invested in last month was new bras. I had been wearing the same two or three bras for the past two years, so I thought it was finally time to buy new ones. I actually looked for less-padded bras this time around, and I wanted ones that didn’t have wires either. There was a sale on Nordstrom for no-wire bras, so I ended up buying two: Free People’s Seamless Back Bralette and DKNY’s “Energy” Seamless Bralette. I definitely liked the DKNY better because it provided more support. The Free People one,¬†even though it has a cute strappy back, doesn’t provide as much coverage as it’s a slip-on.

I also took advantage of one of Hollister’s sales and ended up buying a Breakwall Sherpa Lined Hoodie. I bought mine at like $30 and I just realized it dropped to $23! There is only one color and size left, but it’s the same one I bought! I love the color (it’s advertised as “red” but it’s definitely more pink). It’s just so, so, so soft! It’s cozy and warm and perfect for the weather we’ve been having here in Gainesville. If you buy one, do make sure you go a size up!

I¬†started doing more yoga– no longer am I doing random yoga poses in my bedroom, I’ve actually started going to yoga classes on campus. I have also been making it a goal to meditate daily. I think both activities have helped relax the little voice in my head and have helped me learn to breathe better. Upside: I haven’t had a new outbreak of shingles in the past month since I’ve started this! I think I’m going to start writing some posts about these experiences, so stay on the look-out for that.

I decided last month that using black eyeliners on my eyebrows was not working for me, especially whenever I would accidentally go overboard and I’d have Lily Collins eyebrows times ten. I came across Nyx’s Eyebrow Push-Up Bra, which is an eyebrow pencil and a highlighter all in one. Eyebrows are very important features that I will no longer overlook thanks to this easy pencil!

That’s it for me. I hope you guys had a great month! What were your favorite things this month?


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