My Favorite Real Techniques Brushes

I used to not understand what make-up brushes were for. When I started wearing make-up, I used to put on BB cream with my hands (gross!) and after buying my first Naked palette, I continued using the Good Karma shadow brush that comes with it for all things eyeshadow (even though it has very tight bristles and doesn’t let one blend as well). It seems like a lifetime ago, but this was the world I lived in (unsanitary conditions!, didn’t understand blending!) before I got to know Real Techniques brushes.


The first time I encountered Real Techniques brushes at Ulta, I bought the Travel Essentials package. It came with a foundation brush, a multi-task brush, and domed shadow brush; best of all, it was on sale.

Then, I took advantage of a Cyber Monday sale and bought way too many brushes a month ago (somehow I told myself that saving $12 was worth it). I bought a blush brush, a powder brush, a stippling brush, a kabuki brush, and a lash/brown groomer.

While I continue to use the brushes I had pre-Real Techniques, I have really fallen in love with my new Real Techniques brushes. And even though I splurged and now own seven, I definitely have favorites.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.13.32 AM

I love Real Techniques’ stippling brush a lot; I highly recommend it! It’s supposed to create “airbrushed, high definition results” when it comes to foundation. In normal-speak, it makes my face feel light and not look cake-y. It always does a good job at evenly spreading my foundation, which I no longer apply with my hands!

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.10.16 AM

I also love their powder brush. I used to use a kabuki brush from EcoTools for this step, but after using Real Techniques’ huge, fluffy powder brush I haven’t used the EcoTools one. (I’ve reassigned it as an on-the-go brush.)

Finally, I love Real multitaskbrushTechniques’ multi-task brush, which is part of the Travel Essentials. It’s supposed to help apply either powder, blush, or bronzer. I usually use it for bronzer. I think of it like a less bulky, more easy-to-control powder brush. It’s the same shape as the powder brush really, just with less bristles and mass so you can manage it better.

One brush I’m still trying to get the hang of is their blush brush, which hasn’t been as favorite-worthy as the ones I mentioned above. I probably have to watch some videos and educate myself! In the meantime, let me know what your favorite Real Techniques brush is and whether there are any other brands that rival Real Techniques out there?


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