I Know I’m Late But… Friends Season 3

Another week, another season of Friends for the books. Imagine if I wasn’t also doing a million other things…I’d probably be done with the whole show by now!

Season 3 started with pure bliss – everything was happy (mostly)! Understandably, Monica wasn’t doing too well after her breakup with Richard. Monica may not be my favorite of the group but I really felt for her when she was in her post-break up depression. The poor girl was losin’ it…thank goodness she didn’t go through with having a kid though. I definitely would’ve been mad at the show if they had allowed that kind of thing to transpire in the span of one episode. I do like Pete though…I hope we haven’t seen the last of him.

We saw a lot more of Frank, Phoebe’s half brother, this season, too. I love him. He’s kooky like Phoebe but also different enough to constantly take her by surprise. I loved when he came to stay with her in the city at the beginning of the season. It was so nice to see Phoebe with her brother, especially when we often see her struggling trying to find out about her family.

One of my favorite episodes from the season was “The One with the Flashback.” I loved seeing the gang before we really got to start seeing the gang. I’m also glad the episode exists to clear up the question of who has slept with who/who almost did. I’ve always wondered the same thing and was pretty sure I’d never see it.

One I didn’t like as much was “The One with the Football.” I didn’t not like it though…I just didn’t like how much we got to see of the ugly sides of the Geller siblings…I’m not into that. I must admit though – if it were my brother and I, we’d probably be the exact same way. But I did love when Phoebe scored the (debatably) winning touchdown! Can you tell I’ve got a lot of Phoebe love this season?

I was ecstatic to see Chandler and Janice break up. I mean, he was happy, yeah, so it sucks that he doesn’t have that now, but Janice…ugh. She’s definitely grown on me since the beginning but I just can’t see a sarcastic guy like Chandler really taking her seriously. She’s like a cartoon character! To be honest, she seems more like Joey’s type. I was happy to see a much more confident Chandler since the breakup, though. Even when it came to simply standing up to his boss for smacking his butt, I was happy to see it!

As for Joey, I wasn’t really buying into the whole Kate thing. Joey’s shamelessness and obliviousness make him the endearing guy we all know and love…but he just wasn’t like that with Kate. I guess he was more mature with Kate, actually falling for her and trying to take it seriously, but it just felt fast! And it was obvious (to me anyway) that this personality shift wouldn’t last. I wouldn’t mind seeing that side of Joey again eventually, maybe just with someone a little bit more likable than Kate, too (am I hating too much?).

And, last but not least, Rachel and Ross. I love Rachel. I love her. And I hate Ross for what he did to her. Sure, she wanted a break. Sure. But they had been dating for a year! And in the grand scheme, he knew this was a stupid fight. I don’t care if he was drunk and sad, he shouldn’t have slept with someone else! Ugh! And his excuses! I couldn’t stand him for most of the second half of the season.

I was glad they showed Rachel giving it a chance with Mark, too, if only to prove once and for all that Mark had nothing to do with the problems Rachel and Ross were having.

As for that finale, I’m sure, without a doubt, Ross went into Rachel’s room. Okay, I actually don’t know that for sure but, ya know, probably. They’ve been doing a lot in the last 2-3 episodes to prove they’re going back in this direction. I want that – I want Rachel and Ross to be together, but I just really hope Ross grows up. I was so happy for Rachel when she quit her waitressing job and especially when she got her job at Bloomingdales. I just couldn’t believe Ross could act so selfish all the time! It drove me nuts. I hope he’s learned from all of this. Lil’ Ms. Rachel Green does not play. 

Last, but certainly not least, the biggest bombshell in the finale: Phoebe’s mom, Phoebe. As soon as I saw the actress, I just knew it, they look exactly alike! And the personality? Forget it, it was so obvious! But it was so great! I can’t wait to see how this all plays out. I’m so happy for Phoebe! (although potentially sad cause, wow, she’s been lied to her entire life?)

Stay tuned for (probably) my season 4 recap in the next week…I’m speeding through this show like I don’t have schoolwork I could be doing.


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