The Lust List #2

Another day, another dollar.

Nailkale – Illuminator: I recently saw one of my favorite youtubers, Ashley, talk about this stuff. As someone who is constantly painting their nails, I am in desperate need for a product exactly like this! Something that makes my nails look presentable while still allowing them to get some time off from constant re-painting. This will definitely be comin’ home with me next time I find myself at Sephora.

Blundstone Boots: Another inspired item, this time from The Stylish Wanderer. I love these boots. They seem so easy to throw on yet pack a punch. They’re understated yet still manage to be bold enough to pull together an outfit. I could definitely see myself wearing these every single day, especially during these colder rainy months.

Classic Chemex: The last thing I need in the entire world is another means of making coffee. I currently own 3 of my own brewers and there is a grand total of 6 separate brewers in my apartment. Yet…this Chemex calls to me. I’ve been seeing it everywhere! Monica (from Friends) has one and I’m constantly seeing them on Pinterest! And my daily perusal of Stumptown’s website isn’t making this any easier. The more coffee (brewers) the better, right?

Even though I’m trying to cut back from buying new things for the next few months (graduating from college and moving out of my apartment in Gainesville won’t be any easier with more things to pack), I’m still keeping an ongoing list of my favorite things I’ve fallen in love with. Let me know what you guys are loving! Obviously (and unfortunately, maybe, ha!), I’m always on the look out for new things!

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