I Know I’m Late But… Friends Season 4

As Chandler and Joey stated late in this season, things are changing. Everyone (mostly) has something major going on…our lil Friends is growing up!

First of all, I called it! Ross went to Rachel’s room and broke up with Bonnie. Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there. Ross had my pulling my hair out all season. He was practically insufferable with his attitude and superiority complex. As much as I’ve always said “I want Rachel and Ross to end up together!” I almost don’t anymore. I’m not stupid though – I can already see everything this show is doing to solidify them as “meant to be.” Ross does have his sort-of-redeeming moments, I suppose. He was very sweet with Emily and even though I knew the wedding would never actually happen as planned (especially after that entire episode dedicated to helping us remember all Rachel and Ross’s most important moments).

I guess I’ll live with Rachel and Ross together in the end (as it will inevitably be) but I just hope Ross grows up (hey! another season over! another chance for me to say this exact same thing!)

I also thought the season (and the last few episodes of season 3) spent a lot of time suggesting that we may see some Chandler + Monica action soon. He peed on her foot! he spent all this time asking her if she would ever date him, even if he was the last guy alive!

I don’t know how I feel about this either. I adore Chandler but…not so much with Monica. She is bossy! And too competitive, and its getting annoying. I guess if Chandler likes her then maybe she’ll grow on me.

The whole Kathy storyline was whatever to me. I really only enjoyed it because it seemed to bring Joey and Chandler closer as BFFFFFs.

Same goes for the Joshua thing. Rachel is too good for all that! Joshua was bland. Rachel is tied with Chandler for my favorite so I just want the best for them.

Speaking of which, Chandler and Rachel’s friendship is my absolute favorite. I don’t know if its really any different than the others, maybe I’m just letting my favoritism show too much.

As for Phoebe, she’s the one who probably went through the biggest change (that actually meant something). Pregnant with THREE BABIES! Her brother’s babies…ha. Although it was obviously an incredibly nice gesture and very Phoebe-ish to agree to such a thing, it almost felt…crazy. I guess they had no choice but to write Lisa Kudrow’s real life pregnancy into the show so it was done as seamlessly as possible.

And Joey, dumb ol’ cute ol’ Joey. He was cuter than ever, I thought, and also dumber than ever. I hope something big happens for Joey soon. My heart melted when he told Phoebe that she’s always his #1 girl and that he was homesick. He’s such a big sweetheart.

The biggest cliffhanger of the season was, as usual, the last few moments of the final episode. Ross and Emily are about to get married and Ross says “Rachel.” Ross says “Rachel.”

Of course he did. Obviously the wedding (and Emily and Ross’s relationship) is over from that point. And, I’d bet, Rachel and Ross will be back on.

I guess I have to watch season 5 before I make any grand assumptions but meh. Again, here’s just hoping Ross doesn’t make me roll my eyes anymore.


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