I Know I’m Late But… Friends Season 5

I cannot believe how quickly I flew through season 5. It seems like just yesterday I was writing about season 4…(spoiler: it was yesterday).

Season 5 starts out exactly where season 4 left off: Ross and Emily’s wedding. Ross has just said the wrong name at the altar…yet, for some reason, the wedding continues.

From this moment on, Emily becomes the worst. I almost wish things would’ve worked out between her and Ross cause I often think that he’s also the worst. But no, really, Emily was walking a very tight line between rational and irrational. Of course you don’t want your new husband constantly hanging out with the woman whose name he said when was getting married! But of course Ross can’t just give up one of his best friends! Its all a recipe for disaster and ends as we were all very, very aware it would.

All the while, Chandler and Monica are secretly dating. I still love Chandler but I don’t hate Monica anymore! Now I feel “meh” about her! She still has a lot to do if she’s gonna warm up to me. They eventually go public and everyone is excited about it. I don’t really know why they even kept it a secret for so long – poor Joey.

Meanwhile, Phoebe gives birth to the triplets! Very sweet. I’m really glad she’s not pregnant anymore – no more sittin’ on the couch while everyone else is having fun! She gets to go to Vegas!

Unfortunately, Joey’s excitement to star in a film shooting in Vegas is crushed when he finds out the film has been cancelled indefinitely due to budgeting. The whole crew comes to visit him but they all end up either gambling or getting drunk after learning about Joey’s movie.

Unfortunately (again), getting drunk in Las Vegas wasn’t the smartest move for our “forever-secretly-in-love” Rachel and Ross as the season ends and we see them goofily running out of a wedding chapel. Yikes.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume that things won’t go so well when it comes to “un-doing” their marriage. I’ll bet one of the two is gonna have second thoughts about getting a divorce or eventually realize that this is what they’ve really wanted all along.

I hope season 6 brings me more Joey. That’s really all I ever want.

Oh and this season’s Thanksgiving episode was absolutely amazing. Teenage Ross is my favorite character on this whole show.


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