The Goods (2/18/15)



  • I’m totally obsessed with this cover Jesse Lacey and his wife did of John Prine’s “In Spite of Ourselves.” I guess it’s not too much of a change considering all I ever do is listen to Jesse sing but still, I’m digging it. –Amanda
  • Marina and the Diamonds’ upcoming album, FROOT, leaked early. I love the change in the overall mood of the album, although Electra Heart will forever be special to me. I’m hoping I get to see her when she tours for FROOT. You can pre-order the album here. -Vanessa

The Internet

  • I read this long-ish article from the New York Times about public shaming on social media that I really liked. Justine Sacco’s first interviews on-the-record can give us insight into how people react to their social media mishaps. The author’s take on it is interesting because he tries to look at how we’re using social media to blast people on Twitter without knowing any context whatsoever. Plus, it allows us to humanize those who make mistakes on the Internet (something we are all guilty of). -Vanessa


  • I’m writing my midterm papers this week. As my last semester of college is already half way over, I’ve been thinking a lot about my favorite things I’ve learned over the past few years and my favorite papers I’ve written. Definitely in my top 5 is the paper I wrote on Ballet Mechanique when I was taking a class on Avant-Garde films. If you haven’t seen the film, you definitely have to! It opened up an entire world for me and is probably now my 3rd favorite film of all time. –Amanda


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