The Academy Awards 2015 Recap

Last night was the 87th Annual Academy Awards! The biggest night in film! So many lives were changed!!

The night began with a very cute opening including our host, Neil Patrick Harris, Anna Kendrick, and Jack Black. There were references to some of the most important and monumental films ever made and lots of singing and dancing. I loved it and thought it was really adorable. Unfortunately, the little comedy bits were kind of all weirdly downhill from there. I’m honestly not even going to mention much of that.

The first award of the night was Best Supporting Actor. The award was presented by Lupita Nyong’o (who, by the way, looked amazing). J.K. Simmons won this one. I would’ve wanted Edward Norton to win but, ya know. I never actually got a chance to see Whiplash though so I’m sure J.K. Simmons was great, especially considering he’s usually great in everything.

Dakota Johnson was there for some reason, too. She introduced Maroon 5’s performance. Alrighty.

J.Lo (again, why?) and Chris Pine came out next to present the award for Achievement in Costume Design. The Grand Budapest Hotel won! So cool! The designer’s speech about Wes Anderson was adorable. This began a precedence throughout the night of lots of people saying cute things about Wes and cuts to him looking very gracious in the audience.

Reese Witherspoon then presented Achievement in Makeup and Hair Style. And The Grand Budapest won again!! More very nice things were said about Wes Anderson. I loved these parts.

Next, Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor presented Best Foreign Film. Ida won! Director Pawel Pawlikowski accepted the award and shut up the music that tried to cut him off…twice! It was truly amazing.

Throughout the night, a few more winners did the same thing. I think this is the biggest flaw of these award shows – these people, especially in the technical aspects of film, rarely get the recognition they deserve. They aren’t big name celebrities who get a ton of recognition! The least they could get is a full minute to thank their family! It’s crazy! But so much time was spent on dumb jokes!!

This is the Oscars for goodness sake! The most prestigious award show in Hollywood! And we’ve got all these ridiculous jokes going for so long that people who have spent their lives working on their craft don’t even have time to thank anyone!


Marion Cotillard came out next to present Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island performing Everything Is Awesome! I’ve read that a lot of people hated the performance but I really enjoyed it. I thought it was super cute and fun. And, let’s be real, as I’ve said, the Oscars are no longer the stuffy awards shows they used to be (even though I kinda wish they were), so why not include this outrageous performance?! Plus, I heard that Will Arnett was in the Batman Suit?! That’s SO COOL!

Kerry Washington and Jason Bateman presented Best Live Action Short Film. The Phone Call won this one. I haven’t seen it – I will though. Live Action Shorts are up there with my favorite category.

They also presented Best Documentary Short Subject (definitely my favorite category!). I haven’t actually had the opportunity to see many of these yet but would absolutely love to get goin’ on that – these films are always super interesting! I love documentaries. The winner in this category was Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1. I’ll be watching this very, very soon.

Gwyneth Paltrow introduced Tim McGraw’s tribute to Glen Campbell. Very moving performance and a beautiful song.

Miles Teller and Margot Robbie talked about hosting the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Scientific and Technical Awards. I wish they’d just make the Sunday night show twice as long and combine everyone together :-/  :-/ No? No? Alright.

Chris Evans and Sienna Miller presented Achievement in Sound Mixing. Whiplash won for this, as I expected. They also presented Achievement in Sound Editing. American Sniper won.

Jared Leto came out lookin’ beautiful as usual. He presented Best Supporting Actress. Patricia Arquette won for Boyhood. I think she deserved this one. I don’t know, I thought everyone was great in Boyhood. But I would love to see Emma Stone give an Oscars acceptance speech one day.

But speaking of speeches – Patricia Arquette gave a good one. She said what needed to be said in a room with a bunch of people who recently found out that even female actresses (who undoubtedly more famous than many of their co-stars) are being paid less than their male counterparts. Huh.

I mean, I know they’re all millionaires already but they still deserve equal wages. If you’re gonna pay Christian Bale $10 million to star in your movie, you better be payin’ J Law at least $10 million, too.

Josh Hutcherson was also there for some reason (maybe because they knew Patricia Arquette would bring this up and he was in The Hunger Games with Jennifer Lawrence? Topical? I don’t know. I like the guy but, seriously, why?). He introduced Rita Ora’s performance of “Grateful.”

After the performance, Ansel Elgort (????) and Chloe Grace Moretz presented Achievement in Visual Effects. This one went to Interstellar. If they were gonna win anything, I suppose it’d be this one.

Kevin Hart and Anna Kendrick presented Best Animated Short. And the Oscar went to Feast! Or, as I call it, “the one with the dog!”

Best Animated Feature Film was presented by Zoe Saldana and The Rock. Big Hero 6 won! I still think The Lego Movie was the best Animated Film of the year but I guess if I had to choose between the actual nominees…I guess it’d be Big Hero 6. 

I know a lot of people don’t like when the president of The Academy comes out to talk about how wonderful film is…but I do. Kind of brings it all back to Earth for a few minutes.

Felicity Jones and Chris Pratt next presented Achievement in Production Design. The Grand Budapest Hotel won yet again! Even more adorable things were said about my dear, dear angel, Wes.

Next up, one of my most anticipated awards of the night: Achievement in Cinematography. Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba presented the award and, as I prayed, Birdman won!! The cinematography in that movie though…absolutely and completely jaw dropping.

Meryl Streep introduced the in memoriam which, weirdly, paid no tribute to Joan Rivers. I suppose she wasn’t necessarily an actress but it is weird considering that she’s probably done every red carpet in the history of forever. Anyway, following the in memoriam, Jennifer Hudson performed an absolutely beautiful tribute.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Naomi Watts presented for Best Film Editing. Whiplash won this one, too. Wow, Whiplash and The Grand Budapest Hotel are really cleanin’ up tonight, huh?

David Oyelowo and Jennifer Aniston (two people I cannot contain my love for) presented Best Documentary Feature. Citizenfour won! Again, I love documentaries. I haven’t seen Citizenfour yet but I definitely cannot wait to do just that.

Octavia Spencer introduced John Legend and Common’s performance of “Glory.” And…everyone was crying by the end. It was freakin’ amazing. I mean, that song is just unreal. Their voices and their messages are so important.

I love that so many celebrities are finally utilizing these opportunities to get out important messages. All night, I kept thinking about how much power was in that room and was so thankful that some of those celebrities were using that power to get people talking about what is important.

Idina Menzel and John Travolta presented Best Original Song. They laughed a lot cause John Travolta is weird. And, of course, not a minute after everyone was just crying after the performance, “Glory” won! I loved many of the songs up for this award but this was well deserved to say the least.

After a lot of standing and applauding and even more tears, Scarlett Johansson introduced the Sound of Music tribute by Lady Gaga. Best of all, Julie Andrews came out at the end!! What a cutie. She acknowledged Lady Gaga’s magnificent performance and also stuck around to present Best Original Score. The Grand Budapest Hotel won yet again. At this point, I’m very, very giddy. Even more loving words for Wes. I just want to watch Rushmore right now.

Eddie Murphy presented Best Original Screenplay. To be honest, as much as I love Birdman and was so happy that they won, I was kind of hoping this streak would continue for The Grand Budapest. Nonetheless, Birdman was phenomenal so…not too disappointed.

Oprah presented Best Adapted Screenplay. The Imitation Game won. I haven’t seen all the films in this category but I know that I did love Inherent Vice. I guess they weren’t even close to being the favorite to win but I held out hope til the end. I liked the speech Graham Moore gave when he won, though.

Ben Affleck presented Achievement in Directing. I truly thought everyone in this category deserved this. I think directing is such a personal thing and it’s really hard to say who did something like that “best.” But ya know, Birdman was my favorite film of the year so, if I had to choose, it’d Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, so I’m ecstatic that he won.

Cate Blanchett introduced and presented Best Actor in a Leading RoleEddie Redmayne won and I was like ????????? for probably a full minute. I heard last minute buzz that he was up there as a favorite to win but like….alright. Not saying he didn’t deserve it, I’m just saying Michael Keaton exists and he was in Birdman. That’s all I’m saying. Eddie Redmayne still would’ve been one of my top choices, I just can’t believe it wasn’t Michael Keaton.

Matthew McConaughey presented Best Actress in a Leading Role. Julianne Moore won. Made me feel better after the shocker of that last award (kinda sad when the biggest “shocker” of the night is when the second-favorite to win actually wins).

Sean Penn (was there a reason???) presented Best Picture. And…….Birdman won it all. Truly a shock for me. Again, Birdman was my favorite of the year but I cannot believe it didn’t go to Boyhood. I’m truly, truly shocked.

Besides the actual awards, Neil Patrick Harris’s hosting was…very strange. I enjoy the guy, I think he is hilarious most of the time, and a great host, but there were points when this was just painful. The whole lead up to the “secret case” with his predictions…just…hurt me.

Anyway, I guess that’s that. I feel fairly lukewarm about the whole thing. I feel really weird because my favorite film of the year did actually win best film but it just feels so weird that Boyhood didn’t win. I guess I’ll be thinking this one over until next year’s ceremony.

Here’s to hoping 2015 will bring me a bunch of films I feel very strongly about so I can be defiantly happy or upset by the of of the 88th Annual Academy Awards.


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