The Goods (2/25/15)



  • I’ve been seeing some of my favorite people talk about HBO’s The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst. I know absolutely nothing about it but seeing a ton of people I really trust enjoying it makes me wanna watch it as soon as spring break starts (t-minus 30 hours!) –Amanda
  • Speaking of tv, Netflix is going to get seriously amazing very soon – between House of Cards coming back and the release of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt… let’s just say I’m glad that I only have class twice a week. –Amanda
  • Finally, Catfish is back tonight!! I am completely, utterly and unabashedly obsessed with Catfish. That show brings me to new highs and new lows. Nev and Max are just…so…beautiful…and sweet. Even though it pains me that MTV thinks we as an audience might believe that these preposterous situations may be true, I don’t care because I love this show. (I just wrote two film midterms and I’m sort of burnt out – can you tell I’m having a tv moment?) Let us relish in what is to come… –Amanda

The Internet

  • I made my own cookie butter thanks to this recipe. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s kind of cool how I made it all on my own! -Vanessa


  • I gave lots of podcasts this week a try. I wanted to try to get into some new ones that are not the typical ones I listen to. I tried ones such as Slate’s Political Gabfest and NYT Mag’s The Ethicists, but my favorite this week was the StoryCorps podcast from NPR. This one specifically touched me. It’s about the first single gay man in California to adopt a child. Man, it will tug at your heart. -Vanessa


  • Let me introduce you to my new favorite song, “Talking Body,” which I discovered after finally giving Queen of the Clouds a good listen. “Talking Body” is the next single after Tove Lo’s highly successful “Habits (Stay High)” and I’m just warning you that it will be all over the radio very, very soon because it’s incredibly infectious. I loved Queen of the Clouds so much that I’m thinking about doing a full review/analysis of it soon. But for now, enjoy this masterpiece. -Vanessa 

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