I Know I’m Late But… Friends Season 7

Season 7 was a big one. So many things happened to set us up for what’s to come…

We spent most of the season planning Monica and Chandler’s wedding. Not too much happens with the two of them that isn’t wedding related. As usual, I don’t have strong feelings about Monica. I was happy for her to get married but meh. I’m starting to think I’ll never love her like I love Rachel.

And Chandler, weirdly, has this mental breakdown right before the wedding. I guess he did seem put-off about commitment before he dated Monica but that all seemed so far in the past.  What’s weirdest to me is, near the end of the season, we get an entire episode with flashbacks from their relationship. Chandler’s always been at least sort of into Monica and it always seemed to me like she was his dream woman. But I don’t know, I guess with Chandler running off they were trying to say that Monica is the woman he really loves unconditionally because he ended up coming back…and going through with the wedding? I don’t know.

I did like that Monica pushed Chandler to go to Vegas and invite his father to the wedding. Points for Monica in my book for that one.

Meanwhile, with the rest of the gang: Ross continues to annoy me. I thought by now he’d grow on me, too, especially because I used to think he was great. He just really, really seemsto have regressed. He’s so immature and petty about so many things. And he’s the absolute worst with women, it actually pains me. I don’t even mean his intelligence – that could be charming (albeit boring for some people I guess). He just does the dumbest things (like pretending to be a masseuse so he can massage a woman but then it turns out that he has to massage an old man). I don’t know – I’m not giving up on him yet but I’m close.

Phoebe dates a lot and tricks people a lot, a lot all season. Nothing major happens for her. I really like the scientist guy for her though…I wish he’d come back so they could be together.

The biggest things happened for Joey and Rachel. The two are still living together (yay!) and being the cutest friends (yay!). I really love seeing them hanging out because they’re the two characters who make me laugh the hardest. I definitely had to pause to catch my breath from laughing a few times this season and it was definitely all thanks to those two.

Joey got his role back on Days of Our Lives and even had a few big auditions. Things seem to be going really well for him. He’s even growing up…a little…he’s still so dumb…but so cute.

And Rachel. Okay, first of all, Tag. Tag was…so beautiful. Let us remember:

So Rachel dates Tag, breaks it off because she’s 30 now and she realizes that she won’t end up marrying Tag. I wish she would though…you can push your plan back a few years, Rachel!! You can have babies at 38 instead!!

Oh wait – no she can’t cause she’s pregnant now! Bombshell of the season. When Phoebe found the pregnancy test in the trash, I immediately knew it wasn’t Monica’s. Nonetheless, I definitely did not think it was Phoebe’s or Rachel’s…I don’t know who I thought it belonged to. I guess I just thought it would be explained out as some joke. But the last few shots made it extremely clear that the test belongs to Rachel.

I’m not positive who the father could be but I imagine it is probably Ross. It does seem rather strange that they’d write this in without explaining that the two have been hooking up so maybe it isn’t Ross but I just don’t think it’s Tag’s child. Plus, it would be really weird if they just throw in some random guy now.

I’m dying to know who it is though so I’m starting season 8 as we speak (/I type…you read)

Actually this post is going up a week after I write it so I already know whose baby it is! ha!

And if that’s true, look out for my season 8 post. If its anything like season 7, I’ll be done with it by the end of the day (just kidding but not just kidding).

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  1. mnaraine2013 said:

    Season 8 was really good. Can’t wait to read your thoughts


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