What I’m Watching – March 2015


Friends Seasons 8, 9 & 10 – I finally finished Friends! I was so sad to reach the end but also excited to know what ended up happening with the whole gang. I’m also really happy, at long last, to no longer be the only person who has never seen Friends. I really loved the show (I actually recapped/reviewed the first seven seasons) and I’ll definitely miss it.

I want to keep this post as spoiler-free as possible but I’ll just say this – I love Rachel and I love Joey. I like Phoebe and I like Chandler. Both Ross and Monica…ten seasons and they never grew on me. Especially Ross. I never forgave him for “being on a break.” What a punk!

Broad City Season 1 – I’ve recently realized I have Amazon Prime yet I never utilize their Instant Video Service. When I finally got around to checking out what they have, I was ecstatic to see the first season of Broad City. I cannot believe it took me this long to watch this show. I mean, I watched the whole season in one sitting. I really love it. I actually can’t think of one thing I don’t like about the show (besides Season 2 not being available on Amazon). Abbi and Ilana are absolutely crazy nuts yet I still want to be half as cool and funny as they are. I’m sure that’s not the intention, they probably (nay, definitely) are not meant to be idolized in any way. But, at the risk of taking it all too seriously, I love that the show depicts two girls in outrageous but also kind of real situations. They are gross, they fart, they have sex, they have to deal with creepy dudes – they push boundaries but not in a way where it seems like they’re outright trying to push boundaries just for the sake of proving something, if that makes sense. Side note: Ilana is my new style icon. I’m ordering high-top converse and lots of tall socks as we speak.


The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 1 – This show unquestioningly wins the award for the best theme song of all time. I watched this over a week ago and I still find myself breaking out in song multiple times a day. If you’re a fan of 30 Rock, you’ll love The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The influence/Tina Fey-ness is really apparent, and in a completely good way. The parodic humor is key in this show and you have to be aware of that when you watch it (I’ve seen a few articles from people bashing the show for certain jokes when the jokes were clearly meant to come across as ironic or sarcastic). There’s also a ton of familiar faces scattered throughout the show making it even more fun to watch. The entire season is available now on Netflix so there’s really no excuse for not gettin’ on that right this instant.


The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst – I’ve been debating writing an entire post about The Jinx but I’ve ultimately decided against it – simply because I don’t think I can really add much to the overwhelming amount of conversation currently going on. Even if you haven’t watched the show yet, you’re probably well aware of all of the recent hype and real-life implications the show has brought on over the past week. While I do think the show was incredibly interesting and well-done, there were particular parts of it that irked me. It’s actually kind of funny – I decided to watch The Jinx after seeing a ton of people recommend it for people who loved Serial. While I see what they mean, I actually think the two are worlds apart…yet the same sort of thing bothered me about both of them. It is really weird to me how we’ve brought these real people and their real cases and tied them to new ways of telling stories, I don’t know how I feel about it. It makes me slightly uncomfortable to hear a podcast host or miniseries producer play detective. While I actually ended up siding with both Sarah Koenig and Andrew Jarecki when it came to their personal feelings towards their respective cases, it just feels a bit odd for all of this to be aired out to an audience as a form of entertainment. Obviously I don’t think it is necessarily wrong – a. this is mostly all public information and b. I, of all people, have chosen to become extremely interested in both Serial and The Jinx – but it just feels strange. I think my weird feelings are actually associated with the fact that the individual cases are only now getting attention due to their successes in entertainment. The evidence and help brought on by the producers of entertainment are sometimes doing more to bring about justice than the actual legal system ever did, or at least that’s how it seems to be depicted within the shows themselves, as well as in the media. After all of this time, people are finally interested in looking into Adnan’s case…and after all of this time, Durst was finally arrested. Just…strange, I guess.


I’m also keeping up with a lot of my favorite shows including The Mindy Project (no spoilers but wow – cannot believe how much is happening this season), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (hilarious as ever), Catfish (has there ever been a better show?), The Blacklist (the only show I never miss), and Modern Family (I absolutely love every episode with Andy the Manny).

And, as usual, I was heartbroken when the current season of Portlandia ended last week, it is undoubtably my favorite comedy currently on television.

Within the next month, I’m hoping to manage to watch the rest of Broad City as well as finally getting around to the new season of House of Cards. I also want to knock a show off of my “to-watch” list but I’m not sure which one it will be (The Kroll Show? The Fall? Orphan Black?).

What have you been watching lately? Can you recommend anything you think I’d love? Let me know!

  1. Meghan said:

    Glad you enjoyed Friends! I love Unbreakable too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amanda said:

      I did, I’m so sad it’s over! But I am excited to finally understand everyone’s Friends references, haha

      Liked by 1 person

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