The Goods (3/25/15)



  • Instead of road raging whilst changing the radio station every five minutes during my ten hours driving this weekend, I listened to a lot of podcasts . I listened to old Double X Gabfest podcasts from late last year. I especially liked the Three Sexy Witches Edition which fostered a really interesting discussion of #GamerGate (it still confuses me). It also took a look into Kelli Stapleton, a woman who tried to kill her violent autistic child, which posed a lot of debate about how to best help children like hers. It ended with the history of witches and their symbolism, which I enjoyed after reading primary and secondary sources on it for a class last month. -Vanessa
  • I also listened to Working, a podcast about what people do for work and how they go about doing it. I listened to old episodes, but I specifically liked the Stephen Colbert episode and the episode about a Virginia pastor. I liked the Stephen Colbert episode for obvious reasons; I always find it interesting learning how “the sausage gets made,” especially with TV shows I really like. And the pastor one was incredibly interesting because I am not particularly religious and had no idea how long his workday is and the types of cultural details he must pay attention to (not drinking wine when he is out, leaving doors open when talking to women in his office, etc.) -Vanessa


  • I’m not sure if it fits here, but I don’t think it’s our M.O. to talk about sports, but it is also TV-related: March Madness. I filled out a bracket for the second time this year and joined an actual pool for the first time. I actually think I’m doing worse this year than last year, which sucks, but the upsets are still fun to keep up with. My pick to win, Virginia, defied me (and the nation) yesterday. So, I am in full despair now. -Vanessa


  • Like Amanda mentioned in her last post, I have also been enraptured by everything The Jinx. We’ve been discussing the ethics of this show in the apartment, I’ve been discussing it with professors, and I’ve listened to a lot of opinions about it online. These conversations are fascinating, so here are some of my favorite: The New York Times interview with Andrew Jarecki and Marc Smerling (which discusses how they falsely–for narrative–presented the arrest in front of Douglas’ stoop as happening before the second interview), a look into the timeline of the show on Gawker, and discussion on podcasts like Grantland’s The Hollywood Prospectus-Vanessa
  • I am obsessed with Pinterest. It took me some time to get used to it but now I’m absolutely addicted, especially when it comes to finding new recipes. Since making more at-home healthy meals a 2015 resolution, I’ve been pinning like mad. Recently, I’ve been loving this Triple Berry Spinach smoothie and these really simple Black Bean, Grilled Avocado & Goat Cheese tacos. But, best of all, I’ve been crazy about these Lentil Stuffed Peppers! They’re amazing! –Amanda


  • I have been loving Gilt City lately. If you aren’t familiar, it is kind of a fancy Groupon-esque service. They have deals (sometimes even free ones!) that allow you to get tons of things for amazing prices. Just this week, I used their “pay $100 for $200 in credit” for Solstice Sunglasses and ended up buying my mom a new pair of sunglasses for less than half of their original price! I also bought their “pay $50 for $100 credit” for Space NK and was able to buy a ton, essentially getting everything half off. It keeps me (and my wallet) very happy.  –Amanda

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