Wass been Uppy


Things have been so crazy over the last month! A quick recap: I moved out of my apartment, moved back home, graduated from college and went on two vacations. I’m back now (actually sick in bed, sad) and about to start training at work.

Finally, though, I have some downtime. I’m really, really looking forward to being able to work on this blog now that the insanity has died down. Weirdly, I actually feel myself becoming an “adult” and I think I’m excited to be one. It is so weird to think that I don’t have to go back to school come August. But, to be honest, I’m excited to have this blog to keep me focused on what is important to me.

As for the future of Wassuppy, I’ve decided to change things up. I’m not necessarily going to be posting every single day but instead just whenever I actually have something I really want to talk about (what a concept!). And, as usual, I invite all of my friends to contribute to the blog if they wish. With so many of my closest friends spread across the country (going to grad school, dental school, law school or getting awesome jobs and internships – my friends are the best), I’m also excited to use Wassuppy as a platform to keep us all close.

So, I don’t really know if I have much else to add to this other than “I’m back!” so I guess that’s it!

Thank you if you follow Wassuppy and thanks again for sticking with me!

– Amanda

  1. Meghan said:

    Congrats on graduating!


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