The Lust List #4


In days past, I would have gladly convinced myself that I could buy whatever I wanted and make it work. I’d do the math – “if I work 3 extra shifts I can buy this.” Unfortunately, all that is no more. With car payments and impending student loan payments, I can’t afford to just buy stuff when I want. So, for now, I’ll constantly refresh these pages online, hoping for some extravagant, unrealistic sale.

Madewell Courier Shirt in Stripe – I love all of the Courier shirts but I think the stripe is my favorite. I’m really bad about getting out of my comfort zone when it comes to clothes but that’s alright cause this shirt screams my name. I really want it, and actually see it as something I would definitely get my money’s worth from, but I’m hoping to visit my local-ish Madewell to check it out in person before I jump the gun.

Madewell Transport Tote – Can you tell I’m having a Madewell moment? I’ve loved this bag for years but I own about 500 totes so I keep telling myself that I definitely do not need another one. Nonetheless, I…need it. I’m actually putting some money aside each time I get paid so I won’t feel so bad when I spend an entire loan payment on a purse. But! This is such a grown up girl bag! I feel like I, as a 22 year old college grad, need this bag. Plus, doesn’t it seem like the perfect airplane bag?!

Dior SoReal Sunglasses – File this under things I will never buy but will forever want. These sunglasses are over $500 so yeah, never gonna happen, but the heart wants what the heart wants. I just think, if I were to buy these, I’d never need another pair of sunglasses again. So…maybe…if I win the lottery or something.

Commodity Fragrance in Book – I first experienced this a few weeks ago when I was in New York and fell in love at first sniff. I can’t stop thinking about it. I actually ended up buying the “Gin” scent but only because they didn’t have Book in stock as a rollerball (funnily enough, the Book scent actually smelled much more alcoholic to me). I can’t really justify another full-sized perfume bottle but I definitely know this one is at the top of my list.


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