Growing Up


So much has changed since the last time I made an appearance on Wassuppy. Here’s a quick update:

I am officially an adult with a degree and a crappy paying full-time job. I’ve moved out of warm and trendy SoFlo and now live in less warm and more quaint northern Virginia. It’s not my coveted Boston or San Francisco, but I can’t say I’m not a fan.

I had lived at my parent’s place my whole life until this move, so this summer was sort of my crash course in adulthood. Twenty-two-year-old me had no bill paying or basic house maintenance experience. I’ve encountered my fair share of anxiety and reality checks during this process, but I think I’ve prevailed. Five months later and I’ve finally mastered the amount of groceries purchased to not starving come Wednesday ratio— win.

As far as other adult things go, I’ve been doing a not-so-good job at meeting new people in the area. Outside of my daily encounters at the gym, I’ve had little to no growth in the friend department. I realize that this is mostly my fault— going to bed before nine on a Saturday night doesn’t exactly scream “Hang out with me!”— so I’ve recently decided to step out of my comfort zone and amp up my friend appeal. I’d say it’s going pretty well. Just the other day I delivered a quality compliment to the fellow beside me at the coffee shop. It went something like, “Nice shirt.” Our relationship ended after a quick “thank you” and a hurried shuffle out the door. Hey, I’m trying.

All jokes aside, I truly feel like I’ve grown immensely during my short time in NoVa. I’m hoping to fine tune a schedule so I can regularly share my growth and experiences with all of you. Okay, I don’t want to bore you with my small victories, so I’ll cut the chatter here. This has officially been an accountability post.

Until next time,


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